2021 Event Options

Denbies or another Venue (Graham)

If Denbies, Frank to be asked to negotiate for us (Steve)

Raffle a secondhand Jaguar (Mark)

70’s/80’s/90’s Cover band (Mark) – Denbies said No due to neighbours

£110/£50/£25 Raffle – £2.00 a ticket (Mark)

Pedal Car Race to get children involved (Mark)

Hard Luck Award for someone who had a
breakdown/puncture on way to event (Mark)

X-Type Birthday promotion (Mark)

E-Type Birthday promotion (Mark)

X100 Birthday Promotion (Mark)

Dear Stephen and team

We thoroughly enjoyed yesterday, well done on bringing it together at this time.

It was lovely to speak to fellow owners and enthusiasts for the marquee.

I have only one suggestion a few years ago I attended a similar event but for a different badge, they had organised a ring in the centre of the display area where every 20 minutes or so half a dozen cars where brought in by the owners, different models at a time, the commentator who was Mike Brewer said something about the model and then had a few words with each owner about their car. Clearly it needs a sound system and microphones etc. But it worked well and you found out about each model and a bit about the owners and why they loved their car.

With all best wishes

Andy Walters

M: 07932 475428

E: andyjeffwalters@btinternet.com

Car boot sale section (fee for a plot direct to charity) ( Graham)