Battle of 2 of the greatest british sports cars: Jaguar XK vs. Jaguar F-Type

Here comes my first article of this sort on the JaguarForumsUK website. And I could not decide on a better subject to start the JLR ”corner” on the website. 

First of all, this part of our website will contain different JLR related news, vehicle comparisons and reviews, and many more. It will be updated monthly or even more frequently, by all the administrators and members of the club. As always, any feedback or discussion will be welcomed.

Now, getting into the subject: I know these 2 vehicles were compared by many more before, but I just think that adding my touch will make this comparison sort of unique. I always loved the Jaguar XK and the F-Type, each one of them is the best in a british way on the market for its class, therefore in my opinion it can’t be said that one is better than the other at all. Also, I think some people often misunderstands these 2 models. 

Now, technically, the F-Type is the successor of the XK. But, it really actually isn’t. JLR did not actually released a successor for the XK yet, but they are planning to in the future, and hopefully they will complete their plan. What they did with the F-Type is having a replacement/ successor for this slot of a sports car in their vehicle car line. But, the XK was and is a Grand Tourer, which has some Sports Car essence, but the F-Type is all a Sports Car. 

XK was and is one of the greatest Grand Tourers ever made, as their previous models were , like the XJS, for example. In comparison to the F-Type, what makes it to be a better GT car are: interior space, dimensions, handling and, maybe the most important, confort. And with confort I mean long drives/ journeys confort. In the XK long journeys will always be a dream. Even if that means driving on motorways for hours and hours, or racing through a mountain road full of challenging turns and amazing scenery(even if the XK has got the weight disadvantage, will still be very fun to drive on any sort of road). What the XK also always has is the luxury and styling of a Jaguar, so you will feel almost like inside an XJ. It is a big and heavy car, and that will be felt inside, considerable roomy inside. But this is how a Grand Tourer should be.

Now, about the F-Type, as I said, it has Sports Car written all over it. From the styling, size and dimensions, interior and so on. It is very wide and low as well as the XK and slightly ligher and smaller, depending on the model. It would be important to point out, however, that both vehicles are in the same weight range. Interior is less conncentrated on the Jaguar luxury sense(also becasue it is a more modern vehicle), but is concentrated on being sporty. Instead of feelling in a more sportier XJ, like you feel in an XK, here when you step inside the F-Type, it is all a process. From the body integrated door handles, very low and long doors, considerable lower seating position, after you are in, you are welcomed by a cockpit with racing inspirations that is for sure. Seating position is also lot sportier as the seats themselves are and the way in which all the controls are placed around the driver. Moreover, F-Type is loosing interior space, rear seats, and boot space. Handling is way sportier, as well as the gearbox, suspension, and engine response. The F-Type is going to be a track/ mountain road weapon and for sure is going to feel very safe when eating miles on the motorways, but is not going to be as confortable as an XK on long journeys. But, again, this is how a proper Sports Car should be.

In terms of styling, both of them are art in their own class. They both keep the british Jaguar lines, headlight design, muscular Jaguar shoulders in the rear-end, and big exhausts and rear diffusers. It is for both, sportivity implemented in the finest way and very strong, into the classic Jaguar Heritage design lines. The XK is more Aston Martin like, and its a bit more aggresive, when the F-Type is again more sportier and smart, in terms of more modern lines. They are both in top most beautiful Jaguars ever made and personaly I think (and that happens with many british cars not only these 2 Jaguars) that on the market the taste of their designs is very fine and therefore they will always be a niche product.

What is also important to point out before the end, they do share the same recipe. Both XK and F-Type have simillar very powerfull V8 supercharghed engines positioned in front under a long and beatiful bonnet (except that F-Type can also come in more accesbile powertrains), they are both rear-wheel-drive with massive wide rear-ends and they can both be beasts in terms of handling, torque and sound. They also share the same recipe of design and exterior styling, based on an original coupe silhouette. 

In conclusion, there is no doubt that the F-Type is very suitable to continue Jaguar sports car series and it is doing that very proudly and succesfully. It is just that sometimes the market has a decision. The Jaguar XK is ticking more boxes as it is a Grand Tourer, but F-Type has got the fun factor and it is a track concentrated driving weapon. 

Do you agree with me or not? Waiting for your opinions in the comments section below. Thank you for attention!

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