Happy Xmas from the entire JaguarForumsUK Team

Hi Everyone,

On behalf of myself and the entire team here I would like to wish everyone a very happy Jaguar Christmas and a much, much better New Year full of Jaguar events up and down the UK.Our event has been quiet, and at a low ebb for the past few months because so many of us are battling with a massive range of Covid related issues from mental health through to job security, family illnesses and so on – all of which have been far more prominent for all of us over recent times.

We are currently running a competition for people who have already signed up for our 2022 event – one lucky winner will be drawn on Christmas day and will be refunded their registration fee, so they will be able to attend our event free of charge – so if you haven’t registered for our next event and would like a chance to attend free please register via our website at www.jaguarforumuk.com – it literally only takes 2 minutes to do and guarantees you a great day out.

Our newsletter, which comes out to your mailbox monthly will be kicking off officially in January, and again you can register (and unsubscribe equally easily) via our website – I would really recommend that you consider signing up for it as it will carry all the news from the previous month – and again it is really quick and easy to sign up to.

We will be reconnecting with our existing sponsors in January, and looking into forging new links for you guys, helping to connect you up far more post Covid, than we ever managed before.

If any of you have found a great independent repairer, or parts supplier over the past few months please get them added in to our global Registers (again it is quick and easy to do on the website).

We are especially looking for repairers and parts suppliers across Europe and the rest of the world so we can make sure you can locate the support you need wherever you live or are visiting.

Also, if over Christmas you get into a discussion about who knows the most about the Jaguar marque why not enter our online quiz on our website – one of the most comprehensive ones available online, and you even receive a free certificate should you pass it, proving that you really do know Jaguar

We also have polls there that are fun to vote on, covering a number of Jaguar questions, news, information, booking information about our 2022 event, and all the information about us and our ethos of becoming the number one place to be, connecting you with everything you need to help you keep your jaguar on the road, and abreast of all the latest Jaguar news.

Please have a fantastic (and healthy) Jaguar Christmas wherever you may be, and I and the entire event team look forward to an incredible 2022, helping you connect to the incredible support network out there, keeping your Jaguar on the road.Very best regards from everyone at JaguarForumsUK

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