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Hi Guys,

I know it’s not a Friday – in truth it is early Saturday morning but it’s still Friday Stats day here at JaguarForumsUK 🙂

It’s been a quiet week for our group and event but we have still had quite a bit going on.

Our calendars are almost out of stock now, so if you would like one for yourself, or as a great present for another Jaguar owner please grab one whilst they are still available – all the info is on our event website at .

Our Facebook group continues to grow, not just in membership, but also the number of countries that we are now known in, as well as becoming more active in those countries, supporting Jaguar owners.

If you have not added your country to our listing of members home countries in the ‘Announcements’ section of our Facebook group please do, as we will hopefully be running some features on Jaguar in the countries we know we have members in soon.

Christmas is coming fast, and so is our Christmas competition! It will be launched on the 1st November, and everyone whois already signed up for our 10th Anniversary event in May 2021 can enter for FREE.. so if you have registered for our 2021 event already please keep an eye out for it’s launch.. and if you haven’t signed up for next years event yet please consider doing so as this is one of the value added extras we do every year as a Thankyou to people for registering 🙂

Did you know we have just signed up with a new official event sponsor? Artiffs… They produce incredible garfitti style art of YOUR Jaguar in a variety of formats and their prices are perfect for anyone’s budget be it for theirselves, or just looking for a unique and special Jaguar related gift for a relative. All their info can be found on our event website at

Additionally we are in the process of reviewing the incredible EngineGuard System. It is a system that can be fitted to any Jaguar and gives you realtime accurate measurements of temperature in one or more locations – no more depending on your Jaguar red zone to know when things are going wrong.. you know instantly and can take preventative action before it is too late.

Please watch this space for all the news as we go, don’t forget to order your JaguarForumsUK calendar, to register for our next great event, and watch out for the launch of our Christmas competition open to everyone that has registered for our 2021 event..

Have a great Jaguar weekend, and stay safe wherever you may be.

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