How far have we come since our 2020 event, and where are we with things?

Hi Guys,

It’s Friday and Stats day for our event,, and it’s been a while since I last really updated you all with what is going on, and where we are with things – for which I apologise.

Ok, lets start with the event itself.. subject to Covid being under some level of control by the middle of 2021 we are still aiming for the date of 30th May 2021 and getting ourselves back onto our more usual late Spring Bank Holiday date for everyone. If Covid still proves to be an issue we then have some slack in the calendar to move the event back a month or two like we did this year.

Our event has connected with more clubs than ever for our 2021 event, and we are still in contact with further clubs seeing if we can connect you even better with everyone that can help support you and your Jaguar. It is a work in progress (as is everything with our event as you know :-))

Our new Club Incentive Scheme is up and running and already putting back into clubs that are registered with the event.. which is something we had dreamt of being able to do for a long time. If your club is registered with our Club Incentive Scheme please register for our event through them rather than directly as it means that a percentage of your registration goes back to your club to help them support you even better.

Clubs already registered with this scheme are:

Jaguar Breakfast Club
Jaguar X-Type Owners Club UK
Jaguar X-Type Owners Worldwide
XJR Drivers Club

If you are with any of these clubs please register through them, and if your club isn’t registered yet, please ask them to sign up – it’s free for clubs and let’s us help them in return.

I can already see that this update is going to be a big post – I apologise, but there is so much going on to fill you in with.

Our 2021 Event is going to be a TRIPLE celebration event, making it even more complicated, but a really great day out for everyone and still for just £5 per Jaguar 🙂

Our event is our tenth anniversary event – I can’t believe how much it has developed and grown as we have gone.. and never dreamt it would be more than two events with maybe 20 Jaguars lol

Additionally we are celebrating 20 years of the incredible X-Type. This celebration is close to my heart as where I loved my X308s, my 2.5 X-Type was the most dependable Jaguar I have ever owned so to be able to celebrate and promote the X-Type is fantastic.

Plus, the curvy and gorgeous XK (of which I have yet to own one) is 25 years old in 2021 so we will be celebrating this milestone too.

Our event photographer will be helping us with not just shots of each Jaguar arriving but also with photo shoots in our new Show Arena that we will be running on the day.

We are setting up awards specific to the X-Type & XK in addition to the annual awards that you have become used to being in with a chance at on the day.

Attendee numbers are already ahead of previous years for this stage of things, we have more club areas, more photographic opportuniities for everyone and we have even more on the go that we are hoping to be able to implement for you guys.

The trade component of our event is still very much up in the air I am afraid – with a significant number of our traders still very unsure if they can continue to work with us due to a range of issues, not least the financial losses they all took during the last Covid19 lockdown. A number of them have not responded to our contacts and a large percentage of those that did respond are still unsure if they can make our event. Howver we are working on a number of leads to bring new trade components on board – but again it is something in process and nothing concrete to be able to tell you yet.

Where we have been very, very busy ever since the last event is our Facebook group and website, and lots to tell you (assuming you are still awake this far into things :-))

Our Facebook group, connecting you with clubs, forums, specialists and other Jaguar owners has become truly global, and we are currently running a poll to check on exactly how global things are but I do know we have Jaguar owners in Australia, Germany, Austria, Canada, Italy,the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Russia, Thailand, USA, and more.. which is incredible and we are going to try to run some features about Jaguar in each of the countries that we have members in over the next few months. The group has grown massively and is maturing into a great resource for Jaguar owners that have social media.

Our event website, that struggled for a few years with intially free hosting, and then a very basic hosting package has blossomed (so to speak) with the move to a new commercial hosting package – it now carries all the event images from 2014 to 2020, links you into everything the event is up to, and has a much, much better and more consistent look. We have been working hard on it and it is now one of the easiest club websites to navigate around out there.. you can access our new Global Support Registers locating the recommended help you need wherever you are on the planet, check out previous events, book your place on our next event, check out our 2021 Calendar, tap into our events calendar to see what is coming up, and even add your own recommendations for specialists, add your club in, and your events helping us to put Jaguar owners in touch with everythig out there.

I really hope you like the progress we have made with things since our last event, and haven’t fallen asleep as you have paddled your way through this 🙂 Plus if you do have any specialists you can recommend, wherever you are, know of any clubs or forums we have yet to get listed, or know of any events that are up and coming.. please, please let us know and we will get them added in for everyone.

Finally, a massive Thankyou to not just the incredible event team behind all of this but everyone who has supported our event, even through all the trials and tribulations of Covid – without you all we would not have the incredible grassroots Jaguar event that we do.

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