Jag Doctor

There is always a big difference between a five star review, and the journey someone actually had to get to that point.

We are pleased to say that not only have we given a five star recommendation to one particular Jaguar specialist, but have done so because of the level of service, knowledge, and degree of communication that this particular specialist offered.

My 2007 S-Type 2.7TD has been struggling since the Covid lockdowns, first of all corrosion went feral on anything and everything from the underside of it, to the water pipes, then there were issues with Jaguars’ two part wheel nuts sheering off with the wheels still on. It has run for just a fraction over 110,000 miles and was overdue for a cambelt and the water pump was making some very interesting noises. The alternator, flexi joints, valley and rear corner junctions have all been replaced so it was hit or miss as to whether she was worth sorting.

I contacted Jag Doctor, as they have been to our recent events, and booked her in for the work.

Jag Doctor has been running for two years now and the staff there are not only Jaguar Land Rover trained but have over 15 years of experience working with everything from Landrovers through to high performance XKR’s, XJ’s and more.

Their workshop is just outside Guildford, in a small industrial estate nestled with a range of other automotive specialists, giving them access not just to the usual repair shop facilities but also to outside specialists who deal in a range of services.

I arrived there at 8:30am on the day, with the water pump, cambelt and auxiliary drive belt ordered up. Everyone there is very friendly, and there is none of the more usual inferiority complex you often get around knowledgeable engineers 🙂

Instantly you feel welcome, and as you talk to the staff you realise they know everything Jaguar.

By lunchtime the cambelt had been fitted, water pump replaced, and the auxiliary drive belt replaced with it noted that my water pump had 4mm of play in the bearings so had been seizing intermittently melting the auxiliary belt, and the cambelt had been starting to fray. It was pointed out that I had had a lucky escape.

The parts supplied and fitted were genuine, and despite the water pump being seized onto the block, no swearing or complaining just the additional work performed to encourage it to release. The original parts were shown to me, as were the new parts ensuring that I knew exactly what had come off and gone back on.

After the coolant was replaced, and pressure checked the engine was started and started first turn of the key – so much quieter.

As part of this work, my S-Type was due for an MOT. Jag Doctor are also qualified to perform MOT’s – making them a one stop shop for everything. They popped my S-Type up on the ramp and very quickly found some previous repair work that was not up to Jaguar standard. I was not berated for it, like some places would, but the correct method of repair was explained to me, and the why behind the way it should have been done. They went over my entire S-Type to see what would be needed as a minimum for the MOT, and what they would recommend, even listing timescales for work items that were not urgent. There was a number of bushes and suspension joints that had failed as proven by being able to move the back wheels vertically to a degree without the suspension moving 🙂

They priced up the additional costs, including two tyres, and were able to give me not just a ballpark price, but the all-in cost. This is something not everyone does as I have found out before, and it makes it easier to pass back to your better half, who let’s be honest always objects to the cost of owning a Jaguar, and hates ballpark figures 🙂

Because the work would have to go into the following day they supplied a loan car to keep me on the road, and promised to get everything sorted the following day

The following day, I anticipated the usual call saying that there were additional costs, but it didn’t come.. instead I got the call to say that not only had they sorted all the issues, and she was through the MOT, but had picked up on my keypads not being coded to the car, noted that they were on the wrong frequency and would never work – needing replacing, and that she seemed a little sluggish possibly due to a choked DPF.

I explained that I couldn’t make it until mid evening due to work commitments, and they agreed to wait for me to arrive.

On arrival, I was given an invoice listing all the actions taken, parts replaced and also advised on my DPF, and possible future work as well as the timescale.

Jag Doctor exceeded the level of service, Jaguar knowledge, as well as people skills that I had expected. They are not only very friendly, helpful, full of useful advice, but they are also very open when explaining things.

They pulled all the stops out to supply an incredible level of service and this is HOW and WHY we, at JaguarForumsUK are awarding them a five star review.

Jag Doctor is regularly at our annual events for you to meet and ask questions of, and if you live anywhere in Sussex, or Surrey we highly recommend them – Jag Doctor can be contacted via their website at http://jagdoctor.co.uk/contact/ or on the phone at +44 (0)1306 737037. Don’t forget to mention you are with JaguarForumsUK 🙂