Jaguar F-Pace and Range Rover Velar as the GT’s of SUVs and an unique overview of JLR vehicle line-up

The first article here was about two of the most beautiful Jaguar sports cars/ grand tourers. As a nice summer is approaching and hopefully we will be able to enjoy Jaguars properly once again, like pre-lockdown old good times were, I decided that my second article will be about Grand Tourers as well. And I will be talking about the Jaguar F-Pace and Land Rover Range Rover Velar, two very similar JLR products, but with very different personality. That is going to be the first part of this article. The second part will be something related, and it will be an unique overview of the current JLR vehicle line-up, something that I was looking forward to do since a long time ago.

Now, maybe you are asking yourself, okay, talking about Grand Tourers, what does have to do with two sports SUVs? Well, I have a theory about this. I also have a very long theory about SUVs, but I will get into that in another article. Shortly, if we look around at all car manufacturers and how people evolution and wishes are influencing their line-ups, we will observe that SUV world has grown significantly. And I say this because, if we look back 20 years ago, one would buy and SUV strictly if they needed more space, safety or off-road capabilities. It was considered and look at completely different than a sedan or any other car. Now, everyone is making SUVs in all sorts of sizes and styles. Everyone is making one, even supercars makers. Every type of a normal vehicle body stye has now got a correspondent in the SUV world. Therefore, now getting to my point, there obviously has to be a Grand Tourer in the SUV world.

If you ask me, when I am thinking to look at SUVs, I go straight to JLR products, especially for SUVs. Now, Range Rover Velar it is a very interesting product (and also the newest) in the Ranger Rover family of models. It is also the first Range Rover that was built as an on-road vehicle and then adapted for off-road and not the opposite way. It also very similar in dimensions, technology, and class position with the Jaguar F-Pace. Therefore, in the following rows you will find why I think these are the Grand Tourers of the SUVs world.

Now, first of all, let’s have a look at the design of the vehicles. In my opinion they are so suitable for a grand tour vehicle, the very dynamic and exotic and aggressive lines, with a touch of elegance and modernism. They usually sit on big size alloys and look very impressive when they approach. The exterior and interior dimensions are just perfect for grand touring, maybe a little bit more than enough. A very interesting material related to this is Harry’s Garage video on YouTube, when he took an F-Pace SVR on a bit of a Grand Tour, and he managed to put plenty of things in the boot, and still drive it like a supercar. Talking more about the interior, on both vehicles you will find luxury materials, latest technology (everything you will ever need on a long trip) and the most comfortable seats and seating position also. Both interior positioning and passengers positioning (driver has a very nice view at the traffic over the long bonnet) is quite high up, which makes the occupants feel very safe and cocooned let’s say. They are also very very comfortable cars, but with the possibility to be very sporty when it is needed.

Getting to the last point, and maybe the most important when it comes to a Grand Tourer, the powertrain. Gearboxes and the AWD systems are very capable, modernized and quick, and it will of course keep the car on the road all the times, and power it through corners like it’s on rails. About the engines, in my opinion, all of them available are alright, but for Grand Touring I would say it has to be at least the 3.0 V6 supercharged. If we are talking about the SVR versions of the both vehicles, those are at a completely different level. You basically get a Grand Tourer SUV which will feel and sound, and look, like a supercar. And the build quality on the SVR’s is way better. Now, at this point maybe it’s worth mentioning that one may say that, why don’t just go to the next level, and have the Range Rover Sport instead. More space, same car. Well, if you ask me, the price difference between a Velar SV Autobiography Dynamic Edition and a Sport SVR is not really justified if you want a Grand Tourer, as the performances will be the same. The Sport will obviously be more off-road capable and spacious of course, but it’s worth only if you really cannot live without these things.

In the end, it is important to point out something that is a must-have for a Grand Tourer, and it is also the difference between these two vehicles. And that is PERSONALITY. They do both have a very powerful and in my opinion unique on the market personality, and they are very different. So it is a matter of choice really, although if you ask me which one would I choose, it would be very difficult to answer.

Because I already started to compare various JLR models, let’s take a closer look to the JLR vehicle line-up. We obviously have the two brands, so let’s take them one by one. If we look at Jaguar, we start with their entry-level XE, which is the perfect affordable car for everyone who wants to experience what JLR has so special, or just try them out. An entry-level car it is very important in my opinion for a car manufacturer. The XF is the perfect all-rounder, and the first full Jag. XF will bring you all the elements of a Jaguar. These two models also are marking one big step of modernizing for JLR, as they are one of the full changes (including the naming methodology) of Jaguar. It is well known that they are the very modernized versions of the old X-Type and S-Type. XJ is the only one that stayed the same since the beginning and it is proudly carrying the heritage of the brand. Looking at their SUV’s now, and starting with I-Pace, this is their first full electric battery vehicle and it will remain in history for sure. It is a very good competitor in its class, keeping the same modernized Jaguar heritage designs, build quality and feelings, offering the best handling, and being a very modern B.E.V very well. The F-Pace I just described, and the E-Pace is in my opinion a great very safe city car, and here it’s a bit of a same story like the XE. Finally, F-Type is an amazing sports car, and it manages to carry the most precious Jaguar heritage and history even today.

Now going to Land Rover, they now established 3 very beautiful model families, and each one offers its own capabilities or luxury, in different sizes. The Range Rover family offers the baby Range Rover, the Evoque, which despite some may say, it is still a Range Rover, but smaller in every matter, so more can have this special experience. About the Velar I just discussed, and the oldest two models, the Range Rover and its sportier brother, are still the kings of the SUV’s. This family of models is characterized by the best off-roading capabilities and the unique luxury, comfort and exclusivity. The next family is Discovery, which has the full size model with the same name, and its sportier and smaller brother. They are characterized by excellent off-road capabilities and practicality That is why they are chosen by families more often, or for expeditions and off-road adventures. The last family with just one model yet, is the start at the moment and it is of course the Defender. This is literally an extraordinary specialized off-road vehicle for our times, just as the old model was for its own time. It is just that this new model offers everything else at a more than a basic level, so the customers can perfectly use it for anything else, not just off-roading.

In the end, related to this, what is important to point out, in my opinion is that, yes, the JLR vehicle line-up now has grown a lot compared to what it was some years ago. And yes, some may say that not all of them are actually Jaguars/ Land Rovers, but we have to understand that they had to do this models in order to survive and keep giving us their heritage models. And moreover, all of them are actual Jaguars and Land Rovers, and each one of them are a very special presence in their class, and a feared competitor.

Now, do you agree that the F-Pace and the Velar are the Grand Tourers of the SUVs world? Do you see anything in the JLR vehicle line-up different than me? Please let me know in the comments below. And if you got at this point (I know, maybe a bit too long), and you enjoyed what you have just read, don’t forget to share it and keep following us for more interesting stuff.

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