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In view of the recent news from Jaguar regarding their future plans there has been a lot of discussion on the JaguarForumsUK Facebook group – with people voicing a number of opinions, some of which we have unfortunately had to restrict due to the content.

As you know we support Jaguar owners worldwide, whilst also championing the Jaguar marque, so will always air your thoughts and concerns regarding the world of Jaguar, but making sure that any discussions are as balanced as possible.

Jaguar has always taken risks, and it’s newly announced change of direction from fossil fueled cars to electrically or hydrogen powered cars is no different.

The obvious concern, which has been generally voiced by everyone, is the incredible speed with which Jaguar is looking to make the change – in the next four years. Obviously the devil is in the detail, and we have yet to see exactly how Jaguar will progress with this change.

There are also a lot of rumours circulating about Jaguar possibly teaming up with other manufacturers to pool resources and split development costs, but this is all in the air.

We do, and will always, support Jaguar owners, whether they own or run petrol, diesel, electric, or hydrogen powered Jaguars.. our website carries parts listings, manuals, registers of parts and service suppliers to help you keep your Jaguar on the road, and of course all models of Jaguar will always be welcome at our events.

The same goes for our Facebook group, where we always welcome all discussion and debate, please bear in mind that we already have members who are proud owners of Jaguars first ever all electric vehicle, and if Jaguars change of direction does go as planned we look forward to welcoming the owners of a whole new range of Jaguars. We are all in the same club no matter whether our Jaguar is electric, hydrogen, petrol or diesel powered 🙂

I personally, as you all know, have had two Jaguar XJ’s – both V8’s, an X-Type V6 Petrol, and now currently a 2.7Turbo Diesel S-type meaning that two of my Jaguars over the years have fallen into that marmite zone to one degree or another.. regularily receiving comments about my X-Type, for example, not being a real Jaguar.. and I worry that the new range of Jaguars coming will fall into that zone meaning that we as a community at JaguarForumsUK will have to work hard to make sure that their owners are very much included in the Jaguar community.

How do I see things changing due to this news from Jaguar? Well the pool of petrol and diesel Jaguars available to purchase or own is going to shrink as it will no longer be topped up with new vehicles coming to market.. so the value of our current Jaguars should stabilise, and over time increase. Significantly at this moment in time the XJ range is not moving forward with the pace of change so I suspect the current XJ’s will be in significant demand in the immediate future.

JaguarForumsUK will continue to bring you all the latest Jaguar news as and when it appears, good or bad, and supporting Jaguar owners worldwide, through the changes ahead of us all – helping you keep your Jaguars on the road, and supporting all models equally..

Please keep up to date via the debates and discussions as we go – there is a lot of news yet to come we suspect as Jaguar publicises the details of the changes – and join us in celebrating the Jaguar marque as a whole whilst we continue to support you no matter what model of Jaguar you have 🙂

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