Latest update with just 15 days to go!!

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to this weeks update regarding our event, with just 15 days to go!

So, so much is going on currently – we have 216 Jaguars/Bentleys signed up for this years event so far, after cancellations, and a few people moving their booking forward to next year.

We already have Jaguars registered spanning from the 1950’s right through to 2020 for you to meet, and almost have the final list of companies that can make it to the event to meet you.

We have a load of development going on on the background, keeping not just me, but the entire event team busy.. and we think you will really love the improvements that are coming and will be announced on the day 🙂

Discussions have been ongoing with Denbies regarding the numbers, and whilst their catering is able to deal with the numbers, their toilet facilities may struggle, so they are quoting us for some Portaloo’s to ensure that no-one has an issue with long queues for toilets.

We are also adding signs around the entire main venue reminding people to keep 2m apart wherever possible, which should work well alongside our Covid19 procedures already in place.

This is adding to our event costs, but these all help us to keep you safe on the day. Noting that donations towards this years costs are very, very welcome with all this going on – there is a link on the events’ website homepage if you would be happy to help.

I’m not sure if everyone is completely up to date with how we are having to run things this year so here is a quick rundown on things for you:

First of all ALL the info on traffic, queues, marshalling incidents, features during the day, warnings and announcements will be broadcast on our new event broadcast chanel on Telegram – full signup details are on our event website (it’s free as are most things with our event :-)) – I really do recommend you signing up to it..

Pease Pottage Services Car Park will be a Meet & Greet Service.. just look for the JaguarForumsUK flag in the car park and come with your Access Pass

You will receive your Welcome Pack, or Info pack depending on your registration

At Denbies we will have more marshals than ever before to help you get into the main event quickly and efficiently – please, please follow the marshals instructions and ensure your access pass is visible, as you will be checked in (track and trace requirements)

Please try to make it to the start of day speech, and listen out for announcements about judging – the judges will be judging cars for a number of awards through the day and for example the engine bay and exhaust tone judging is very early on and you will need to have your Jaguar ready for the judges to look over/hear if they are to include you.

Lunchtime will be staggered to a degree – if you see the queues growing please refrain from adding to the queue and maybe return in 30 minutes when the queue will likely be shorter.

The Prize Draw and Awards require that you and your Jaguar are onsite in order to be able to present any awards/prizes you have won, so please try to stick with us for the day or you may miss out.

This is by far the most complex, and largest event we have ever run with more club areas, a whole new layout for you to enjoy, more awards spanning more criteria, plus all the additional protocols and facilities regarding Covid19. We have had huge issues with our sponsors not yet being fully recovered from lockdown, costs regarding pulling everything into place that we need to do, to remain within governmental requirements, and with lockdown on events such as ours only having been announced a couple of months ago.

So I must apologise for the huge list of rules and so on this year, and for asking for donations.. this is all stuff that we have been battling with to get this show on the road for you.. *but* I think we have not only managed it, but have done so a lot better than anyone on the team had thought possible.. our Facebook group has gone from strength to strength, our Telegram chat group is doing OK, we have more groups and clubs involved with us than ever before, and we have a raft of improvements and changes almost in place for you that will be announced on the day.. I believe everything will go smoothly on the day, but I would also like to say Sorry now, in case anything doesn’t go to plan.. there is usually something, but we have genuinely done everything we can possibly do to get everything right for you..

Finally, you can keep an eye on the countdown clock on the event website as we count down to the day itself, and I and the whole event team hope you have an incredible ‘Great Day Out’ with us on the 20th Septmeber 🙂

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