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Welcome to Friday, & all the weekly stats and news regarding our event.

We may be in a lockdown situation here but there is still quite a bit going on regarding our event…

We have just kicked off a long term review of the incredible EngineGuard system. The system warns you when your engine reaches a predetermined temperature so you never again risk what happened to one of my X308’s. And we have even managed to negotiate a discount on the system if you like it and want to get one for your Jaguar.

Our Halloween competition has closed, with the winners about to be announced online, and our Christmas competition has been officially launched giving you the chance of a great Christmas gift from us to you in time for the big day 🙂

Our Facebook group and website have also been getting busier as more Jaguar owners are finding us too..

The promised windscreen stickers for those of you who may want them did arrive but were completely transparent with no white backing so we chased things up with the printer and have a fresh batch (hopefully with white backing) arriving with us on the 11th of November.

Assuming that they are as we want this time round they will be available for a small charge to cover postage etc to anyone and everyone that would like one for their Jaguar.

As to be expected this time of year and with a lockdown, attendee numbers for next years event are growing slowly rather than with the usual speed but please remember it is only £5 to register for, and with it you get the option to enter our Christmas competition free, and if the event has to be moved back again from May you will automatically still be registered for the new date. The more people that register for our 10th anniversary event, the more swing we have with potential sponsors to gain more trade stands, prizes and more.

Please check out the EngineGuard review on our event website and see what you think, and maybe take advantage of the discount on offer currently, and please consider signing up for our tenth anniversary event where we not only celebrate managing our event despite Covid, but also the anniversaries of the X-Type and XK.

Wherever you are please take care of yourself, your family, and your Jaguar.

Very best regards,

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