Merry Christmas from the entire team at JaguarForumsUK …

Hi Everyone!!

Please let me start by wishing everyone a very happy and merry Christmas, and wishes for a fantastic Jaguar themed New Year, on behalf of the whole team here at JaguarForumsUK.

This year has genuinely been a year to forget for so many reasons, not just for me but for everyone.

However we must also not forget what we have also achieved despite everything, this year….

We have published our first ever JaguarForumsUK Calendar

Our annual event managed to run between lockdowns – in fact it was our largest event to-date.

Our Facebook group has grown rapidly through the year.

Our Website (which was really being pushed way beyond it’s limits) was replaced with our new shiny latest tech website.

Our Registers covering clubs, forums, suppliers and other essential companies have been growing with your help.

We managed to run our annual Christmas competition despite our event finances being hit.

We have expanded our infrastructure for events with new signage, a gazebo, a new table, hi viz vests for event volunteers and organisers, and more.. noting we have run for years without the majority of the basics.

We streamlined and improved the process for registering for our events, and kicked off a club incentive scheme to enable us to not just support you, but also Jaguar clubs around the UK.

We even managed to get windscreen stickers designed and produced to help members recognise other members Jaguars 🙂

There is even more.. but the thing that strikes me the most is that we have achieved this despite this years events – we have not only achieved most of our aims for the year of 2020 but in many ways exceeded them.

This is all due to the incredible team we have here, & your support for what we do..

A massive Thankyou to everyone from the bottom of my heart.

Please take care of yourselves, your families and your Jaguars – keeping safe through the Christmas period, and if you get a spare moment please consider adding your favorite dependable suppliers, specialists or clubs to our Registers, writing a review that we could popup on our website for other members, posting Xmas scenes with your Jaguar on our Facebook group, mentioning us to your favourite Jaguar club, signing up for our next event (which will be a SHOWSTOPPER for us!! 10th Anniversary), or anything else you could do to help us – we really do genuinely appreciate everything you guys do for us, helping us to help you..

MERRY CHRISTMAS from the entire team at JaguarForumsUK!!

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