On The Gate Tickets

For those of you who have been unable to pre-book for our 2023 event, we have NEW ‘On The Gate Passes’. They are very limited in number, but will enable you to access the event on a first come, first served basis.

The cost is £10, with the registration fee going directly to our supported charity.

Just ask on arrival, and the event team will see if we have one available for you.

4 Replies to “On The Gate Tickets”

  1. I have just heard about this event and I have missed being able to book, if I go to Denbies what time should I arrive to obtain an on the gate ticket.

    Plan to come in D Type replica WUR 4E

    1. Hi Gary, If you need one of our ‘on the gate’ passes they are £10 each, which goes directly to charity.. I would recommend getting to Denbies, or Pease Pottage Services as close to the start time as possible we will have ten passes available at each location. Very best regards, Steve Sheldon

    1. Hi Gary,
      If you look in our Facebook group there is a couple of people offering their tickets – just let me know at stephen.sheldon@jaguarforumsuk.com when it is agreed, and your details as in name/Jaguar model/Year as well as the pass number and I will get a replacement, corrected pass out to you.
      Very best regards,
      Steve Sheldon

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