Our 2023 Event is coming…..

It is now 2023 and ten years on from when we ran our first event, and with your help we want to make it the best event we have ever run.

If you know or work with a business, that is Jaguar, or Jaguar owner, orientated please ask them to get in touch – we offer free trade plots on the day, and if you love them we just know all our other attendees will too. we are looking to increase the number of companies we introduce you to significantly, and the people that know who we should be introducing attendees to is you, our attendees.

I am currently working on the accommodation, and am hoping to obtain confirmation of pricing and availability over the next few weeks .

Our push this year is going to be not just showcasing Jaguars of every model and class, but also promoting modified and customised Jaguars. We are going to be having another (post Covid) push at getting dealership support back with us this year too.

Additionally we are looking to host more Jaguars from outside the U.K. too this year, now that travel restrictions have been eased, connecting not just Jaguar owners within the UK, but from everywhere Jaguar owners can be found 🙂

In order to do all this, we can use any and all help everyone can manage – so if you know any businesses interested put them in touch with us, if you own, or know people with Jaguars that are modified or customised please point them to our event, and if you live outside of the UK please get in touch as we would love the opportunity to connect you more closely with UK owners.

Finally, don’t forget to top up your Jaguar trivia knowledge as the ultimate Jaguar fandom cup will be up for grabs again this year..

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