S.N.G. Barratt Feature

At SNG Barratt we have a team of skilled individuals who work hard to provide you with quality parts that will keep your classic Jaguar on the road. From tool manufacture and product assembly, through to quality control and testing, we ensure that the greatest care is taken to provide parts that live up to a high standard.

Over the years certain parts have become unavailable due to suppliers closing, discontinued lines etc. At SNG Barratt we see this as an opportunity to manufacture these parts, and in the process re-evaluate how well they perform. Through this, and the process of tooling/manufacture, we can improve the parts overall.

Patterns and templates are reverse engineered from original samples allowing an accurate end product. Large quantities of the parts we make are laser-cut, ensuring consistency and quality on jobs. We also have our own machine shop, enabling us to make most of our own tooling and maintain current tooling stock, as well as carry out machining operations on many various parts we produce.  All of the jobs we manufacture are as close to the original as possible, using the same skills and methods as when the parts were originally made.

Between them, our enthusiastic sales team have a combined 150 years of Jaguar parts sales experience. With teams in Holland, France and the USA there isn’t a corner of the globe they cannot reach, and they are regarded as the most knowledgeable in the industry. Whilst we cannot promise that every salesman will know every part for every Jaguar, the wealth of experience within the team as a whole means that there is very little that they cannot help you with! We are constantly looking to improve and evolve, giving our customers the very best service possible. Why not visit us at www.SNGBarratt.com?