Stoneman Funerals Feature

Stoneman Funeral Service is an independent, sixth-generation family business.

We have been helping the local community through bereavement since 1865.

In January 2010, we purchased Sherlock and Sons (Funeral Directors) in Dorking, now trading as Sherlock Funeral Service, also an established family business that has been serving the Community of Dorking and surrounding villages for over 100 years.

The two families now work together with the vast experience of local knowledge that is invaluable in providing a first class service.

In October 2012, Stoneman and Sherlock purchased a brand new fleet of Jaguar Hearses and Limousines all with matching number plates.

The new vehicles along with immaculate premises, staff and caring Funeral Directors make Stoneman & Sherlock Funeral Service an elite family run business.

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