The launch of a great book by Peter Simpson of the Jaguar Breakfast Club!!

We are very, very happy to recommend ‘The Curved Road’ to all our members who are either considering touring the UK or would just like to know more about the UK from a Jaguar drivers perspective.

All funds from the sale of this incredible book go to help the Jaguar Breakfast Club continue to do the incredible work it does for Jaguar owners, and it comes highly recommended by myself, as a Jaguar owner, someone who loves road trips and seeing all the incredible scenery and sights the UK has on offer to us as Jaguar owners when we are on the road.

You can order your copy here:

Please consider buying a copy of this great book – it is supporting what I view as a national institution for Jaguar owners, and whether you are UK based, or one of our many members based worldwide it teaches you a whole host of information on the best recommended drives, places to go and see in the UK and so much more.

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