Total donations to RNLI from our 2020 event beat our expectations!

Further to our event and our donation to the RNLI I am very happy to be able to say that Frank Woodford MBE has topped up our donation.He has added a one off donation of £175 made directly to the RNLI which covers the Fly N Dine, plus recent Jaguar Hilton prize draws of which just over £40 will be refunded to members who were given the choice to submit their entry to the RNLI. Frank has also made a payment of £125 to the Ramsgate RNLI Boathouse as of this morning.We have receipts for Franks payments and our own, totalling an incredible £410 going to the RNLI – an absolutely Massive THANKYOU to all our attendees, and Frank for helping us give so much to the RNLI to help them continue their work.

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