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We want to be able to keep you involved with all the latest news and information regarding the world of Jaguar and everything our event team is up to – not only can you access everything on our website, Facebook group, and Telegram Chat Group but now you can even get the latest news and info in your mailbox.

Our new News Mail List will send you one email a month with the latest info from our event team, and we promise that your email address will not be used for anything outside of the News Mail List – we don’t want you suffering with spam, any more than we would ourselves.

Our News Mail List is perfect if you have limited internet access, shun social media, or just prefer information delivered to your inbox. There will be no sponsored adverts, or spam content in the emails you receive, just pure JaguarForumsUK news, straight from the event team.

If YOU have a News story that you think should be in the next newsletter, or just want us to promote your Jaguar event – just pop the details across to us at and, subject to approval, will not only get your news story into our next newsletter but will also credit you for it, and you may get a chance to join our news team helping us to keep all our attendees connected to the Jaguar news that matters.

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