The role of JaguarForumsUK is to connect Jaguar Owners with the incredible support network available to them.

So, as one part of this we host, and maintain not just one but four Registers that you can use to find support not just globally, but also locally, for any issues or support needs you may have.

We have our Club Register which lists clubs and forums globally, and by geographical area, making it easy for you to find a great club or forum you can really connect with.

We also have our Specialist Register which lists Independent specialists, that our own members recommend for all your servicing, maintenance, repairs and parts needs. They are listed by geographical area, to ensure you can find a specialist near you, wherever you you may be.

Please access our Registers here:

Club Register – UK & Eire
Club Register – Europe
Club Register – Rest of World
Club Register – Model Specific

Specialist Register – UK & Eire
Specialist Register – Europe
Specialist Register – Rest of World

If you know of a club, or specialist that you think should be listed in our Registers please let us know, as we would love to list your recommended sources of support, and you would be helping us to help other Jaguar owners with your recommendations.

Just pop all the details into the form below, and we will add your recommendations in, usually within 48 hours

Add a club or specialist to our Global Registers
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