Gallery of attending Jaguars you can expect to see at our May 30th 2021 event.

If you are attending our event, and are happy for a picture of your pride and joy to be shared, please complete the form at the bottom of the page and we will add your Jaguar in as quickly as we can.

003 – Neil Palmer
My Jaguar 2015 XF 3.0D Portfolio S. I have owned it since new when it had covered only 9 miles

004 – Ian Clayton
2004 Jaguar XJ6 3.0 SE finished in Jaguar Racing Green with a champagne leather interior. I have owned the car since 2017, initially using it daily and then in 2019 I started just using it for shows and occasional weekend trips.

006 – Kevin Greenwell
My 1997 XK8 Antigua Blue. Not the best, with rear end corrosion but we are working on it

007 – Andrew Burridge
Oldest known surviving F-Type manual transmission prototype.

009 – John Stephens
XKR 2007 as standard

012 – Martyn & Karen East
Our XK. All standard except for F type wheels and Adamesh XKR exhaust. In Zircon blue with oatmeal interior. Purchased end of Feb 2020 replacing our black XK8 

016 – Peter Simpson
My 2005 XK8 Convertible

017 – Roldan Rodrigueza
2016 XE Prestige 2.0 Petrol

020 – Mark Lambourne
1995 XJR

023 – Mark Harrison
Ahhh, the wolf in sheep’s clothing ! Aiming to get this old girl out on the track and wind up the Supercharger at little

024 – Mark Harrison
Recent arrival, aren’t they just gorgeous in every automotive way ??

026 – Ross Feltham
Blue and a Jaguar! What more can be said 😉

027 – Andrew Bradley
2011 XKR, ultimate black, all original.

029 – Alan Richell
Rare Jaguar Sport 1990 6 litre V12 XJR-S. Winner of Car of the Day at the 2020 event!

031 – June Maunder
Jaguar XKR 5 Litre convertible, super charged. Beautiful car.

032 – Martin Addington-Smith
My Italian Racing Red XKRS Convertible taken at the Heritage Centre RNAS Yeovilton last year.

034 – Glenn May
2003 S type R in Jaguar Racing Green (HGZ), stock (for now) other than rear silencers deleted.

037 – Roy Watts
My black with red flake XKR which I have owned since February 2019 and have completely restored her inside and out

038 – Richard Green
RG04 XKR is a 2004 special edition ‘Carbon Fibre ‘XKR. The vehicle is one of only 50 cabriolet versions produced by Jaguar for the UK market. The Carbon Fibre models were top of the range XKR models with all of the major options fitted as standard.

039 – Mick Patrick
Had my XJR6 for nearly 8 years and its getting further and further from standard

042 – Wayne Turk
Vera: She is a 2018 P300 in lovely red, covered just 5000 miles.She is loved and well cared for.

044 – Kevin Herbert
My Italian racing red 2014 XJR. Makes me smile every time I drive it. 

045 – Jeff Carter
I’ve owned the car since 2017. It had been restored in 2006 but there’s usually something requiring attention!

046 – Steve Gillespie
Here’s my 2011 XK portfolio convertible which I have owned for 2 enjoyable years.

047 – Andy Bateman
My 97 X300 3.2 Sport with Manual Box in BRG

048 – John Mcdonald
I’ve had my S-Type for 2 years now, had been neglected by previous owner, so for the last couple of years I have put a lot of work into getting it looking how it should, bodywork and mechanical.

050 – Robert Parker
1995 SWB XJ12 in Kingfisher Blue

052 – Terry Hayes
2006 Daimler Super Eight (LWB) in Garnet Red.

053 – Mark Duffell
My  2004 XJR

054 – Steve Gilligan
My 1989 XJS 3.6

057 – Kevin Pitt
My 2005 Jaguar X-Type Sovereign, I have owned since October last year.

058 – Terry Grange
2003 Jaguar XK8 4.2Ltr Coupe Auto. Zircon Blue, Ivory leather seats, 19″ Apollo wheels and Xenon headlights. 53,000 miles

061 – Che Pengkerego
Purple peril. Purple and gold colours of royalty. Not many modified x type abs love jags and modified cars so her she is.

063 – Alan West
Jaguar XK150 3.4 1960. Full body off restoration 2013, 7000 miles since then. Purchased by us February 2019.

064 – Kevin Llewellyn
1968 D Type recreation running the 3.8 with triple 45 webbers,a regular attendee to Hampton Court Concours, Chantilly

065 – Kevin Llewellyn
C Type recreation running the 4.2 engine and triple 45 webbers.

066 – Frank Brazier
2006 midnight black metallic STR
Approx 440 bhp, (some modifications!)
Grey/Black interior and original paintwork

067/068 Kat Collins
Beauty & the Beast 2015 Italian racing red XFRS & 2017 XJR in yulong white

069 – Simon Powell
My 2011 XFR100. My first Jag, only owned since October last year. Absolutely love it! This will be my first Jag meeting.

072 – David Williams
An early XJR6,transformed into “Ratcat”,I’ve owned her for 3 years and she’s used for “themed “car rallies around Europe

073 – John Knight
2007 XJR 350 platinum silver

074 – Gary Woodhams
2013 Jaguar XJL 3.0 Portfolio Stratus Grey

075 – Stephen Haynes
My 2008 XF Premium Luxury

076 – Lee Raynsford
Nostalgia XK120 No.6 built. In 2000 rebuilt and modified over past 4years. Known as The Beast ..

078 – David Stark
Wrapped in a re-imagination of the early 2000’s Jaguar F1 livery and tuned by Viezu (puts out 660hp and 650lb ft of torque). We have run her at one ‘speed event’ and managed 3.2secs to 60mph, a 10.2 quarter mile (serious stuff!) and 159mph through the half mile speed gun. Unfortunately, the runway wasn’t long enough to go for the 200! But it’s the noise that intoxicates!!

080 – Michael Tomes
My grand old silver lady, mine for 8 years and still under 60k

090 – Tony Evans
Italian racing red 2015 2.2 XF R Sport owned for 2 years. The only modification done is an engine remap.

094 – Steven Addison
A lot of car for little money. It’s not perfect, but its mine and paid for.

098 – Michael Burkhill
2004 X-Type 2.0. Owned the car for 3 years, and its turned into a labour of love as it’s now my weekend car only

099 – Mark Springall
2007 Jaguar X-type 2.2D SE Facelift modifications. I have owned this car since October 2020.

100 – Steve Bamforth
2016 MY 3.0 V6 supercharged RWD 380 BHP. Rhodium sliver with Pimento leather interior.

101 – Mark Gregory
2010 Jaguar XF 3.0 Portfolio. Owned car for 3 years and am Chairman of Jaguar XKEC / F-TypeEC.

102 – John Balk will
My Pride and Joy which has taken me on so many trouble free ventures around Europe.

103 – Lee Chitticks
2004 S type R owned 16 years, 44k miles, Cannot see me ever selling it !!

104 – Kirk Holmes
Kynite blue, brought in 2017. K and N air filters, remap, Quicksilver back boxes, 20mm rear spacers, 15mm front.

109 – Clint Fisher
2000MY XKR Convertible in Pacific Blue with Ivory interior. Bought in 2004 and have made a number of modifications since

110 – Nick Curtain
My 2005 XK8 4.2S in Copper Black

113 – John Underhill
2002 Jaguar XK8 4.0 Coupė in Zircon Blue with Ivory interior & Montreal wheels. Unmodified – <12,000 miles.

114 – Phil Hilder
Jaguar XE/X760 in metallic Caesium Blue. Bought new in lockdown 2020. Petrol. SE. R-Dynamic.

117 Ray Reed
1986 Series 3 XJ6 Sovereign. Bought in 2019 as a retirement present to myself. It’s covered less than 20,000 miles.

119 – Ian Brundell
I’ve owned my X type for 5 years now and still love it, lightly modified in the looks, department with more to come

127 – Paul Graham
2011 XKR Convertible, slightly modified, loud. (XKEC member)

128 – Simon Buck-Honour
“The Beast” is a unique and very early 5 litre supercharged XK first registered in December 2008.

134 – Scott Parks
This is my third Jaguar, having replaced my tuned XJR8 with something a little more sporty…

136 – Paul Johnson
Had it a couple of years ,its a manual, I feel it’s much better.

137 – Dave Swaine
2011 XF Portfolio 3.0D remapped by Tony Dalton to 310bhp, purchased in January this year after selling my STR, 65,000mls

138 – Thomas Murphy
2014 Jaguar XKR Dynamic Convertable, Italian Racing Red.

139 – Kevin Still
2005 Jaguar XK8 Convertible in Jaguar Racing Green..

141 – Dale Michael Titley
Midnight 2.2 diesel sport recently purchased from my Dad and making a little project for myself

144 – Stuart Holmes
X Type 3.0 by AWD Sport. Subtle custom modifications. Full engine swap done by myself in 2020

148 – Andy James
Mk2 3.8l in BRG. Completed the Monte Carlo Historique distance in January 2019 covering 5500km in 10 days.

149 – Mark Atkinson
1997 XK8 in Ice Blue Rare Black Leather Interior

152 – Mike Cannon
2009 XJ Sovereign. 2.7
Wrapped in Vampire Black remapped to 258 BHP.

154 – Mark Sherwood
1969 Series 2 2 plus 2 4.2

156 – Paul Burrett
My 4th Jag but 1st XE. Love the handling. Due to lockdown she has only covered 8k miles.

157 – Alan Covacic
2007 XJ Sovereign 4.2 V8 in rare Blue Prism. Owned for 4&1/2 years, my 4th and best XJ. A proper Jag!

159 – Matt Glass
2011 XKR Convertible

161 – David Powell
This is my fourth Jaguar and it’s a 2021 P450,  awd, F-Type in Black with red leather. I love it!

162 – John Bowen
07 Jaguar XKR. I run the FB page and YouTube channel ‘MovesLikeJaguar’ and will be documenting the day for a YouTube vid

165 – Phil Stonelake
XF R-Dynamic SE D200 MHEV MY2021.
Firenze Red with Black Pack and Black 19″ wheels. Mars Red interior.

166 – Shaun Mohabir
Jaguar XKR 4.2 Supercharged 2009 in ultimate black i have owned since 2013

167 – Roger Heard OBE
Replica of the 1957 Ecurie Ecosse winning car now fitted with a modified 4.2 engine 5 speed gearbox limited slip diff.

168 – Neil Rogers
My 2009 XKR finished in Vapour Grey with Alston hood. I have owned it for about two years. One previous owner & 14000 m.

172 – Colin Whitehouse
Red 2014 F-Type. 3.0 V6. ‘Fred’, Finally bought in 2020 after many years of dreaming and many more years of hard work.

174 – John Mantripp
Have owned for about 6 years, very much an ongoing restoration. The colour is cream.

176 – Chris Syner
This car was BP57EEW and is a 4.2l Sovereign in Gun Metal Grey.

177 – Michael Titley
2006 AWD 2.5 Sport estate in glittering red paintwork. Bought recently as a category N now in wonderful condition.

178 – Chris Marshall
1998 Arden modified XK8 convertible.
Featured in Jaguar World magazine (Aug 2012)

181 – Simon Putt
Antigua Blue XJR6 my daily driver only one speeding fine in 3 years of ownership!!

184 – Simon Cronin
Bought for £400 in 1979.. We have travelled all over Europe the USA and S/Africa. We also tow the family caravan with it

187 – Tom Mould
This is my F-Type R AWD in Firesand Orange.
I’m a lifelong Jaguar fan this is my 14th Jag & one of 3, I currently own along with a V12 E-type coupe, & an XKR OTS. 2017

189 – John Spence
2017 F-Type British Design Edition AWD
Pictured at Denbies last year.
Same weather this year please!

190 – Jeff Deans
1996 Jaguar XJS Celebration 4.0L Coupe. Bought during lockdown. Previous owner had for 19 years.

191 – Ian Smith
My 2001 XK8 4.0 Coupe in Grey

194 – Christopher Taylor
1989 – registered 1990 4.0l XJ40 5200 miles from new original

196 – Neville Hobbs
2006 Jaguar S Type R (STR). 66,000 miles. I have owned her for 6 years and made a few improvements.

198 – Gary Norris
Acquired my XK8 in 2010 and have done heaps of work on it
1st year its back on the road proper & finished
C U there!

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