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On this page you can really get involved in JaguarForumsUK – telling us what you have, what you want, and what more you would like us to do for you.

Please take part in the polls below and help us to help you.

What more would you like JaguarForumsUK to do for you?

As always, as we approach our annual event we are already looking forward to what we want to achieve for everyone through 2021 & 2022.

This year we are looking for your input as to what YOU would like to see us doing more of for you in the months to come.

Please select the one item below you would most like us to be able to do more of for you..

What fuel type/engine cylinders is your Jaguar?

With the advent of the new electric I-Pace, and with a range of hybrids to come, we are looking to see what engines and fuel types members have in their current Jaguars to build up a picture of what Jaguars we are supporting. Please select the option that most closely matches your current Jaguars engine type, or you can add yours as an additional option if your is not listed...

Your favourite model of Jaguar

We all have our favourite model of Jaguar, whether we are lucky enough to be able to own one or not.

We  haven't listed all the models of Jaguar, so if YOUR favourite is not listed please feel free to add it in.

What country do you reside in?

The Jaguar marque is well known worldwide, and we know we have members worldwide. Why not help us generate a picture of where everyone is?

We haven't listed all the countries - so please add your country in if it is not yet listed.

The Jaguar Straight Six versus the Jaguar V8 - head to head

On the event team we have team members that steadfastly support the straight six engines, and others that swear blind that the V8 is best Jaguar engine.

Which do you prefer?

Age of your Jaguar

We are always looking for ways we can improve our level of support for you, and it would be helpful to know the age of Jaguars that we are supporting, as then we can tailor our support to more closely match what you need.

Please select they year of your Jaguar below, and if the year of your Jaguar is not yet listed please add it in..