As a member of JaguarForumsUK you get the opportunity to take advantage of any discounts we are able to negotiate with our official sponsors from time to time.

Please find any current discount codes listed below, noting that they do come and go over time, so it is worth checking in with us regularily.

BagWorld – Bespoke Bags & Luggage for your Jaguar – are offering an incredible 15% discount on luggage orders for all JaguarForumsUK members. Please quote BW001 when ordering, and say you are from the JaguarForumsUK event.

EngineGuard – Engines overheat. There are many causes, but the result is engine damage. That’s why you need an ENGINE GUARD. It’s a ‘once off’ purchase that gives you peace of mind and can save you big £££ into the future. If the engine overheats, you get warned – loud and clear. No more trying to catch a glimpse of Jaguars temperature gauge. You can just relax and watch the road- and that’s got to be safer. All JaguarForumsUK members can claim a 10% discount on the entire range.