JaguarForumsUK User Survey – February 2024

Please help us to meet your needs better by telling us what you would like to see happen into the future by completing this survey – it should only take you a few minutes to complete and it would be a massive help to us to know what YOU would like us to do for you….

JaguarForumsUK - Our 2024 Plan

JaguarForumsUK - Our 2024 Plan - Lobbying
We are looking at the ways in which we can not only do more for you, but also the ways in which we can help the larger community too, what is important to you?
Which of these do you see as the most pressing issue as a Jaguar owner?*
Jaguar is stopping production of petrol and diesel models, and moving into the luxury electric vehicle marketplace. - which of these would you prefer to see Jaguar work on development of:*
Now that Jaguar is ceasing production of Petrol and Diesel models, do you believe the workshop manuals should be be in the public domain?*
Due to spiralling insurance costs of luxury vehicles, Tesla introduced their own insurance which is up to 30% cheaper. Do you believe Jaguar should be offering the same insurance discounts to Jaguar owners? *
Our 2024 Plan - What can we do for you?
We are looking at ways that we could do more for you, whether it be club savings on essentials, connecting you better, or just more fun things to get involved in
Would you be interested in discounted insurance through JaguarForumsUK? *
Would you be interested in our Global Registers being extended so you can enter a location and have recommended suppliers and specialists in your area highlighted for you?*
If there was one additional feature we could carry on our website for you. What would it be?*
Our 2024 Plan - Advertising JaguarForumsUK
We are looking at ways we can promote not just our event, but also what we do globally for Jaguar owners
If we were to advertise in just one publication or place, where do you believe it should be to gain the most traction for a grass roots event such as ourselves?*
We are launching some new products, enabling you to not only support us but help promote us. Which of these items would you be most interested in, assuming we are able to offer them at a fair price?*
If we produced windscreen stickers and supplied them free of charge, would you be happy to display one in your Jaguar?*
Would you be interested in a JaguarForumsUK badge to affix to your Jaguars grill, if it was at the right price?*
Our 2024 Plan - Keeping you in touch
We are looking at ways to keep you more informed about not just our activities but general news and articles
We are looking at improving the way we keep in touch with you. Please select all the methods of us keeping in touch with you that you would be happy to sign up for*
What do you want to see in our monthly newsletter? Please select the top three content sections you would like to see:*
Our 2024 Plan - About you
Your name:*
Your email address:*