JaguarForumsUK User Survey – September 2023

Please help us to meet your needs better by telling us what you would like to see happen into the future by completing this survey – it should only take you a minute or two to complete and it would be a massive help to us to know what YOU would like us to do for you….

JaguarForumsUK - Exciting options into the future

JaguarForumsUK Survey
What do YOU want to see us doing for you into the future?
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Would you prefer to subscribe to JaguarForumsUK on an annual basis, with the event as an option to sign up to for free as a member, or would you prefer to continue with no subscription just signing up for our events?*
At the moment JaguarForumsUK runs as an event, with extra's such as our Registers, Trivia Quiz, competitions etc etc. which people can find confusing. We could run JaguarForumsUK as an official club with these extras as part of club membership, or continue as we are. *
We are considering branded hats, mugs, and so on - would these be of interest to you, at the right price?*
What would you like to see more of at our annual event?*