The JaguarForumsUK Great British Knowledge Test

Welcome to the JaguarForumsUK Great British Knowledge Test!

Here you can pit your knowledge against our huge database of Jaguar history and Trivia, and see if you rank amongst our most knowledgeable JaguarForumsUK members.

The questions here cover every aspect of Jaguars incredible history, with trivia and knowledge that only a true fan of the Jaguar marque would know.

If you complete the knowledge test and achieve a pass rate you will not only receive an email containing copies of the questions you answered but also the answers you may have missed, allowing you to increase your knowledge of this incredible marque even further, PLUS your unique certificate proving your Jaguar knowledge, to everyone that knows you.

Our quiz is one of the most extensive Jaguar knowledge quizzes out there, so if you do well here you are very much in the elite of Jaguar fans.

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The JaguarForumsUK Great British Knowledge Test

Welcome to the JaguarForumsUK Great British Knowledge Test!

Are you one of our most knowledgeable members when it comes to Jaguar trivia and history?

Complete our test, and see just how extensive your Jaguar knowledge is...

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What is the current and official name of the Jaguar company?

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In the 1960's the Jaguar Mark II gained a new 3.8 litre engine, originally used in the Jaguar XK - making it one of the fastest four door saloons on the road. This model became infamous as...

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The Jaguar Mk II was launched in 1959 with a straight six 3.8 litre engine. What was the bhp quoted for this Jaguar?

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When was William Lyons born?

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When was the XK120 launched? 

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If you remember the 1980's TV series - there was one wheeler dealer that loved Jaguars. What was the name of the character?

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As you likely know, Steve McQueen owned a rare Jaguar XKSS. Do you know how many times he was banned from driving whilst he owned it?

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As Jaguar moved more into the luxury sedan segment in the 1950's they introduced us to a new advertising slogan that would become famous. What was it?

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The Jaguar I-Pace is not powered by diesel or petrol - it is an all electric vehicle. Do you know what it's maximum range is with a full charge?

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When did SS Cars change it's name to Jaguar Cars?

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When Jaguar realised that their competitors had diesel powered cars available in the luxury sector they rushed to get a diesel powered Jaguar out there, much to the consternation of Jaguar enthusiasts. Do you know which model of Jaguar was the first to come with the option of a Diesel engine?

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Jaguar is not known for producing short cars.. but of the models listed below, which one is the longest from nose to tail?

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Jaguar are known for giving their models a generic model number during the initial concept stage such as X308 (yes, a particularly loved model here at JaguarForumsUK) at the start of every models number you will find the letter 'X'. The letter is rumoured to have a meaning - what is that rumoured meaning?

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When the X350 generation of the Jaguar XJ came out it had a new feature that made it very different to it's predecessors - what was that feature?

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In 1951 Jaguar managed to move into the huge Browns Lane Factory site. They struck a deal with the British M.O.D. in order to do this. What did they agree to produce alongside Jaguars? 

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Upon seeing which model of Jaguar did Enzo Ferrari say  "This is the most beautiful car ever made"?

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