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Welcome to the JaguarForumsUK Great British Trivia Quiz!

Here you can pit your knowledge against our huge database of Jaguar history and Trivia, and see if you rank amongst our most knowledgeable JaguarForumsUK members.

The questions here cover every aspect of Jaguars incredible history, with trivia and knowledge that only a true fan of the Jaguar marque would know.

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Our quiz is one of the most extensive Jaguar knowledge quizzes out there, so if you do well here you are very much in the elite of Jaguar fans.

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The JaguarForumsUK Great Trivia Quiz

Welcome to the JaguarForumsUK Great British Trivia Quiz!

Are you one of our most knowledgeable members when it comes to Jaguar trivia and history?

Complete our test, and see just how extensive your Jaguar knowledge is...

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Jaguar sometimes develops models that never quite make the light of day. One of these was the XJ13 which had a 5 litre quad cam V12 engine. How many of the prototype models still exist?

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William Lyons is well known for his lifetimes work in the Jaguar world. But he started off his working life serving an apprenticeship at Crossley Motors which made cars, lorries, and buses. He decided that this was not for him, and made the decision to move to a Sales position in a motorcycle garage, what motorcycle marque was he selling?

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The Jaguar I-Pace is not powered by diesel or petrol - it is an all electric vehicle. Do you know what it's maximum range is with a full charge?

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In the 1950's Jaguar was incredibly successful at Le Mans - how many straight years in the decade did they win in a row with the D-Type?

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When Lyons decided to switch from the SS name to Jaguar – he had to get permission from a company that already used the name for one of it’s products – what was the product that already used the name Jaguar?

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In 1996 the Jaguar XK8 was up against the Aston Martin DB7. The Jaguar was fractionally slower than the DB7, and maybe not quite as exclusive but it more than made up for this by being significantly cheaper.. but how much cheaper?

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In what year did Jaguar drop the 240/340, S-Type, 420 & 420G models for just one new model - the XJ6?

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The supercharged version of the Jaguar AJ16 engine , as used in the Jaguar XJR was used by another car manufacturer. Which car manufacturer?

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Jaguar is not known for producing short cars.. but of the models listed below, which one is the longest from nose to tail?

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Jaguar are known for giving their models a generic model number during the initial concept stage such as X308 (yes, a particularly loved model here at JaguarForumsUK) at the start of every models number you will find the letter 'X'. The letter is rumoured to have a meaning - what is that rumoured meaning?

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In 1951 Jaguar managed to move into the huge Browns Lane Factory site. They struck a deal with the British M.O.D. in order to do this. What did they agree to produce alongside Jaguars? 

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What did the UK government do between 1984 and 1990 regarding Jaguar Cars Ltd?

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Every car manufacturer registers patents to protect everything that they design or create, or even plan to in the future. Jaguar cars Ltd registered how many patents in just 2009?

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Recently TATA purchased Jaguar from Ford. Can you remember in what year they did this?

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The Jaguar Mark II 3.8litre was produced between 1959 and 1967. It was a four door, five seater saloon with a top speed of 125mph. What was it's 0-60mph time?

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The same engine as was used in the MG Metro 6R4 Rally Car found it's way into one model of Jaguar, with Jaguar refinements of course - it was a 3.5l twin turbo V6. Which Jaguar model did it appear in?

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In 2005 the XJ was available with a number of trim options. Which of the ones listed below was NOT a trim option in this year?

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The Jaguar E-Type's independent suspension with double wishbones at the front, and a wishbone/coil spring setup at the rear was designed in just 28 days, giving the E-Type the superb road holding and ride comfort we have all come to expect . Why was it designed within 28 days specifically?

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The Jaguar XK120 Roadster is a gorgeous curvy, two door saloon with a 3.4 litre straight six engine, a top speed of 120mph, and 0 - 60 mph in just teen seconds. It was produced from 1948 through to 1954. How much was it to purchase at that time?

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The modern S-Type R has a speed limiter that cuts in at 151mph, but if it is removed it is said that the S-Type R can manage what top speed?

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