The JaguarForumsUK Great Trivia Quiz

Welcome to the JaguarForumsUK Great British Trivia Quiz!

Here you can pit your knowledge against our huge database of Jaguar history and Trivia, and see if you rank amongst our most knowledgeable JaguarForumsUK members.

The questions here cover every aspect of Jaguars incredible history, with trivia and knowledge that only a true fan of the Jaguar marque would know.

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Our quiz is one of the most extensive Jaguar knowledge quizzes out there, so if you do well here you are very much in the elite of Jaguar fans.

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The JaguarForumsUK Great Trivia Quiz

Welcome to the JaguarForumsUK Great British Trivia Quiz!

Are you one of our most knowledgeable members when it comes to Jaguar trivia and history?

Complete our test, and see just how extensive your Jaguar knowledge is...

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The new Jaguar XE, which replaces the former X-Type, is of what length?

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Jaguar has used a few sales slogans over the years. Which one of these was NOT used by Jaguar?  

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Jaguar sometimes develops models that never quite make the light of day. One of these was the XJ13 which had a 5 litre quad cam V12 engine. How many of the prototype models still exist?

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In the 1980s Jaguar streamlined all it's systems and methods helping it to improve not just build quality but also factor in efficiencies in their build process. As a part of this they achieved a massive reduction in the number of man hours needed to build the then current Jaguar XJ. They managed to reduce the man hours from 700 to what?

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In 1951 Jaguar managed to move into the huge Browns Lane Factory site. They struck a deal with the British M.O.D. in order to do this. What did they agree to produce alongside Jaguars? 

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Upon seeing which model of Jaguar did Enzo Ferrari say  "This is the most beautiful car ever made"?

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Jaguar produced a generation of Jaguar models named '-Type' and each model had a different letter in front of the '-Type'. For example one model was the 'X-Type'.

Please select all the '-Type' models that were manufactured by Jaguar from the list below - noting that you get one point for each one correctly selected, and lose one point for each incorrect selection.....

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When did SS Cars change it's name to Jaguar Cars?

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The Jaguar E-Pace has an impressive boot capacity, as stated by Jaguar. What is the capacity?

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What was the top speed of the XK120?

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As you likely know, Steve McQueen owned a rare Jaguar XKSS. Do you know how many times he was banned from driving whilst he owned it?

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Jaguar is not known for producing short cars.. but of the models listed below, which one is the longest from nose to tail?

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Jaguar are known for giving their models a generic model number during the initial concept stage such as X308 (yes, a particularly loved model here at JaguarForumsUK) at the start of every models number you will find the letter 'X'. The letter is rumoured to have a meaning - what is that rumoured meaning?

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William Lyons became SIR William Lyons in what year, for his services to British exports?

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Jaguar is very much a global car company, but in which country does it have it's headquarters?

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In 2005 the XJ was available with a number of trim options. Which of the ones listed below was NOT a trim option in this year?

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When Jaguar was owned by British Leyland they had to resort to various tactics to ensure Jaguars remained as Jaguar as possible. What was one of the tricks they did?

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Recently TATA purchased Jaguar from Ford. Can you remember in what year they did this?

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The Austin 7 Swallow cost £175, which was very competitively priced - but how much more would you have had to pay at the time to get a version of it with a removable roof?

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When Jaguar realised that their competitors had diesel powered cars available in the luxury sector they rushed to get a diesel powered Jaguar out there, much to the consternation of Jaguar enthusiasts. Do you know which model of Jaguar was the first to come with the option of a Diesel engine?

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