Register your Club

If you would like your club to join the event in a more special way, by registering for an allocated area, you can do so easily. Just access the link below to fill the form with the club details:

Club Registration Form – mandatory

Once your club is registered with us, your main contact can register any members wanting to attend our event in their club area (noting you need to have registered a minimum of five member Jaguars for an allocated area on the day). After registering your club, you will then receive a coupon code from our administration team, the coupon code will allow you to access the 20% club discount on the Registration page here.

The members you register will then receive their Access Passes, emailed to their their club contact/representative for you to pass to the members.

If you do register your club with us & would like your club or group logo to appear on the Access Passes please email a logo file to for inclusion.