1. Register your Club

If you would like your club to join the event in a more special way, by registering for an allocated area, you can do so easily. Just access the link below to fill the form with the club details:

Club Registration Form – mandatory

Once your club is registered with us, your main contact can go to this page, and register any members wanting to attend our event in their club area (noting you need to have registered a minimum of five member Jaguars for an allocated area on the day). After registering your club, you will then receive the password from our administration team, the password that you will need to fill the members details form on the next page.

The members you register will then receive their Access Passes, emailed to their their club contact/representative for you to pass to the members.

If you do register your club with us & would like your club or group logo to appear on the Access Passes please email a logo file to club.logo@jaguarforumsuk.com for inclusion.

Once your club is registered, follow the next step by accessing this link :