Clubs – Rest of World

Welcome to the JaguarForumsUK Club and Forum Register for clubs and forums that are based in countries outside of UK, Eire & Europe.

Choosing which clubs or forums to join is very much a personal preference, so please take a look at the clubs and forums below and maybe join the ones that you feel are the best match for you.


         Canberra (Australian Capital Territory) 
          JDCC – Jaguar Drivers’ Club of Canberra 
– PAID Subscription

         New South Wales
          Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia
 – PAID Subscription

          JDCC – Jaguar Drivers Club of Queensland
 – PAID Subscription

         South Australia
          JDCC – South Australia – PAID Subscription

          Jaguar Car Club of Tasmania – PAID Subscription

          Jaguar Car Club of Victoria – PAID Subscription

         Western Australia
          Jaguar Club of Western Australia – PAID Subscription

The Jaguar Club of Victoria (Affiliated with JCNA) – PAID Subscription

New Zealand:
 Jaguar Drivers Club Auckland – PAID Subscription

Russian & Baltic Jag Club – Unknown if FREE

If your club or forum is not listed here, or you would like your entry removed or edited please just drop an email to us at