Gallery of attending Jaguars you can expect to see at our May 29th 2022 Event

If you are attending our event, and are happy for a picture of your pride and joy to be shared, please complete the form at the bottom of the page and we will add your Jaguar in as quickly as we can.

002 – Eric Simpson
MIne since 2013, “Roger” is a 1994 4.0 litre in Signal Red with Magnolia, originally shod with US spec chrome 5 spokes but currently running on x308 Pentas. Touching 129k he’s been both a daily driver and a proper Grand Tourer.

005 – Phil Norton
Daily driven X358 XJR, well past 150,000 miles. Originally a Jaguar senior manager’s car.

006 – Terry Hayes
2006 Daimler Super Eight (LWB) in Garnet Red

007 – Andrew Burridge
Oldest known surviving F-Type manual transmission prototype.

009 – Michelle Eva Groves
Jaguar X-Type  3.0 V6 Estate Sovereign in Glacier Blue.  Our Family Car to go away on holidays with.

012 – Mike Cannon
1995 Jaguar XJR6. Unmodified.

016 – John Underhill
2002 XK8 4.0 Coupé finished in Zircon blue with Ivory leather and Montreal wheels. As it left the factory, with less than 12,500 miles!

018 – Andy Ross
2004 2.7SE which I have owned since new

020 – Roy Thompson
Registered May 2000 I purchased it at 9500 miles in 2002. Now done 61000 mainly trouble free miles. My pride and joy.

021 – Dave Stephens
2013 Jaguar XJ Portfolio

025 – Gary L Norris
I rescued my XK8 over 12 years ago. I’ve fully refurbished every inch of her since then. New engine fitted & full comprehensive makeover. Loving the driving experience.

026 – Tom Allen
1995 XJR6

027 – Ashley Ward
New to me 2018 P380 V6 R-Dynamic in Corris Grey

028 – Roger Heard OBE
D Type replica of the 1957 Le Mans winning car. 4.2 engine, 5 speed gearbox, limited slip diff.Used for hill climbs, sprints, and charity events.

030 – Paul Johnson
F type S manual convertible,
had it nearly 3 yrs & I’ve enjoyed every mile,
it’s had a stage one remap to 402bhp.

031 – Mark Gill
Had it for 2 years now & haven`t regretted it, still love it.

032 – Ian Clear
2017 V6S F-Type, purchased when 5 months old and 189 miles on the clock.

033 – Phil Day
2006 XK150. Owned the car for 17 months, just enjoying the ride.

034 – Neil Slater
2013 XK Portfolio. My pride & joy and my daily driver. A most comfortable Grand Tourer for long distance journeys.

035 – Gary L Norris
2006 4.2L XJR Loving every minute of this enhanced Super-Charged special motor. Putting out more than 460BHP whilst sitting in in sublime luxury. I’ll never tire of it.

037 – Gary Woodhams
My Jaguar XJL351 3.0 portfolio in stratus grey with every option available / autobiography spec

038 – Andy Bateman
97 X300 3.2 Sport Manual in BRG.

039 – Neill Pearson
2019 F type SVR in Velocity Blue

040 – Steven Addison
2004 . 2.0l Manual Diesel.  It’s not mint but not a minger either. Drives like a dream.

042 – Richard Clayton
My Pride & Joy for the last 5 years…2010 XKR Convertible, 5 litre supercharged, rare Salsa Red… Love it!

043 – Max Denby
Anthracite V8R wrapped in Acid Green.

044 – Jonathan Moore
F-Type V8 R convertible in SVO Sorrento Yellow, with Black Pack & Gloss Black Alloys

045 – Malcolm Till
2005 4.2 V8 S Type

048 – David Swaine
Jaguar XF Portfolio 2011, daily driver 70,000 miles, Delta performance remap 310 bhp, 3.0 twin turbo diesel, 20” Selena wheels, carbon paddle shift full service history, beautiful to drive,

051 – John Morley
Matching numbers 1962 3.8 mod mk2
Originally registered in Cornwall . Bought as a 50th birthday present to myself and owned for 10 years. Having a bare metal respray and interior work done over the winter of 21/22

052 – Gary Billing
Anthracite Black X300 3.2 sport, 94,000 miles and rescued from a front Garden in Worcester Park, almost completely covered in green moss and bird poo, hadn’t been used an many a year. It deserved to be rescued.

055 – Sean Warrington
Daily driver. 2005 plate 2.0 litre diesel. Upgraded brakes front mesh grill rear spoiler and 18” abaco wheels

057 – Alisdair McIntyre
2016 Corris grey F type SVR

059 – Jim Hepburn
I bought her 5 years ago, she’s my pride and joy.

060 – Gary Parker
Used daily covering over 1000 miles each month
Stage 1 mapped with Ramair intake

061 – Chris Seabrook
This Series 111 Sovereign was owned from 1988 to 2008 by a Dutch Grain importer and has worn the number plate A2 DCW all her life. She has a full service history and has only covered 54000 mile. between 2008 and 2018 she was dry stored and recommissioned by KJ Restorations. This car has timeless elegance, blissful comfort and an effortless drive powered by the 5.3l V12,

062 – Richard Clayton
I have owned my 2008 X Type 2.2d Sport Premium for a little over two years. It’s finished in the rare colour of Porcelain, and during my ownership I’ve done plenty to improve its condition and recently added the X7YPE number plate.

063 – James Hinchliffe
1998 XK8 original condition, low mileage example, brought as 2nd car as very much a Jaguar nut owned this car for 2 years

064 – Stu & Ella
1993 Jaguar XJS 4.0 manual. Bought unseen and owned just over a year, loving the manual experience!

065 – Stephen Gillespie OBE
A much loved black XK portfolio with 25,000 miles, there are never enough opportunities to drive.

066 – Mike Dunlop
2014 F Type V6 340ps model in Italian Racing Red. Owned since Feb 2019 and have enjoyed every single mile covered.

069 – David Hart
The XF has done 104000 miles used to tow an Elddis Amethyst 545 as was the S-Type 3L Diesel with 153000 miles still got it. Attached to it.

067 – Devanti Bardoli
Type R. Italian racing red. Fully some extra with near to every available option plus a carbon fibre roof. A great drive goes without saying.

068 – James Hilston
XJ40 1992 4.0 Sovereign. 42,000 miles. My late father’s car since 2008 still in very good condition.

074 – Mark Springall
Jaguar: 2.2 diesel SE. In daily use, 86,000 miles. Stage 1 remap, induction kit, EGR delete, cat delete, Bembro brakes. X-Lyte custom headlights.

076 – Dave Kennard
A low milage xk8 4.2. One of the last before the body upgread. Great car to drive with lots of power that you expect from a Jaguar.

077 – Mark Wright
My 1991 Daimler Double Six, Platinum with Savile Grey leather. Bought 3 years ago and recommissioned since then.

078 – Luke Denham
Modified S Type R, latest in a line of past Jag’s owned. Still making improvements.

081 – Kevin Pitt
A brilliant car to drive and well looked after

083 – Graham Wood
COW 187 is a rare 1939 SS 1.5 Saloon, unknown to the Jaguar Daimler Register until contacted in January 2021, a few days after my purchase. With only 4 years of known history, evidence suggests that this barn find was chassis/bodywork restored in Portugal immediately prior to it’s appearance at a UK Auction in late 2020. Thankfully all components are period correct. And with the rare SS stamped 1776cc engine now completely rebuilt and all other mechanicals restored, the car is finally roadworthy, being one of only 18 surviving examples of it’s exact type known by the Register to still exist.

086 – Stuart Dodman
My Jaagg is a 1993 3.2 poverty spec model in gorgeous Morocco Red. He is immaculate, utterly reliable, won his class at ‘Jagfest’ 2019.

089 – Stephen Warren
Love my Super V8 4.2, Fully Loaded, Luxury, smooth and very fast. Pleasure to drive.

092 – Scott Parks
V8S F-Type – 500BHP of smiles, in the unusual colour scheme of metallic black, red roof and red interior.

093 – John Starr
1999 XKR 30,000 miles totally original. Currently hibernating looking forward to summer events with the XK Enthusiast Club

094 – Glenn May
2003 S type R in Jag Racing Green, stock except for rear silencers deleted. Just recently clocked over the 100k mark, gets driven year round in all weathers!

095 – Richard Craigmile
Into my second year of ownership now and enjoying every minute of it, Used for dry weather pleasure drives only, and lots of them!

097 – Nicolette Cole
Purchased in August 2021,  under 10k miles Celestial Black (dk blue) looking forward to adding to the miles this year

098 – Tim Dornan
2006 XK  V8 Fun. Fabulous machine ,looking forward to touring.

100 – Chris Eggs
2009 2,2D X-Type, a present to myself, used at weekends with Family

101 – Neil Palmer
In December 2021 I Traded my much loved XFS for this ultra low mileage F-type 3.0 400 Sport . Keeping my ever faithful X-Type Sovereign as a runaround

103 – John Phillips
Two careful previous owners of this beautiful X Type 3.0 V6. Having covered only 32,000 miles and never failed an mot.

106 – James
Jaguar V6 S 380bhp

107 – Peter Reed
XK8 4.2 litre Convertible, 2003. Pacific blue with Ivory leather. 64K miles.

108 John McDonald
Jaguar S Type 2006

109 – Glynne Malkin
2003 XKR Coupe owned for two years and loving driving it

112 – Adam Cronin
Owned it a year, limited colour phoenix red full jaguar history love her

113 – Simon Melvin
1999 XKR 75,000 miles.  Not perfect by any means and is in need of some work, but is great!

115 – Peter Bamford
1997 XK8 convertible with just over 100k on the clock.

116 – Gareth Langdon
My Cat is a AWD X-Type 2.5 auto petrol 53 plate. Just over 95k, she’s great on roads trips & does well as my local daily runs

117 – Michael Payne
2017 XE S 340 in Dark Sapphire Blue. My second V6 supercharged Jaguar, bought in 2019 at 7,000 miles to replace a 2013 XF. Current mileage 24,000

119 – Paul Burrett
Answers to ‘Lydia’. Best handling Jaguar I have ever owned.

120 – Stuart Orford
This is my Dads car- 3rd owner but known the car since new. It has done various weddings and has recently been put back on the road with a re-spray in Warwick Grey, and an overhaul of the car. It’s a Mk2 240 1968

121 – Ian Davis
2016 XFS, 40k miles. Had it for 2 years and it’s now all black.

122 – Rob Campbell
Jaguar F Type P300 in Brilliant Blue.

129 – Roy Watts
Two year complete re-build with a lot of performance uprated parts and a hint of badcat DNA. Custom interior and wing mirror delete.

132 – Ross Stevenson
My first Jag, 2.0L XE R-Sport. Driven daily and couldn’t be happier!

133 – Robin Lawrence
This is a Daimler DB18 Barker Sports Special, made in 1951. I have only had her since the summer of 2021 so getting to know her. The engine is a Daimler consort with an automatic gearbox (should be a pre-selector type).

137 – Spencer Beeson
XJ81 V12 beautiful car needs work but I’m up for the Challenge, wish me luck

139 – Tony Webber

141 – Sophie Richards
Absolutely love our 2012 XF, she has given us so much joy over the past 3 years of ownership especially on our road trips from Kent to Liverpool!

142 – Steve Tappy
1969 S2 total rebuild 2017-21.

143 – Phil Kenworthy
Achieved a lifelong dream when I got our 1964 3.8 S1 E-Type OTS in early 2017.  Prior to us, it had been in single ownership for the previous 32 years in California.  Winner of the 2021 JEC Summer Jaguar Festival Pride of Ownership contest at Bicester Heritage.

144 – Chris Connor
Owned for over 40 years and subject to a full nut and bolt restoration taking 10 years in a domestic garage.

147 – Martin Lawrence
2006 Jaguar XK Convertible. Perfect combination of ivory interior and black paint. Waited 25 years to own one of these fantastic cars.

149 – Paul Widman
My F Type 400 sport in my first foray in the the world of Jaguars, bought 12/21 only 12k on the clock, loving it so far !

151 – Don Anthony
2005 XJ6 (X350) 115000 miles.

153 – Steve Bowles
1965 E- Type series 1, purchased last year for one of those big birthdays. Numbers matching car but started life as a fixed head, converted back in 1988.

154 – Mark Simmonds
My Dream Car

155 – Nigel Cormack
My wife mentioned that it might be nice to have a car to drive from our wedding to our honeymoon. Which I took as meaning go and buy a Jaguar XKR.

156 – Clive Evennett
2000, XJ8 3.2 Executive.
H15XJE Ex Jaguar car

157 – Roger Rolph
This is now my 4th Jaguar. Early services indicate originally owned by Jaguar (serviced at PVO workshop in Solihull). Almost fully loaded!

158 – Janette Brook
XFRS, 2014 model, Italian Racing Red, recently remapped to give 650 bhp, beautiful colour and breath taking drive

161 – Phil Hilder
Jaguar XJ8 4.2V8 SE in Quartz. First registered April 2003. Only 26k miles.

162 – Sam Newman
2009 XFR, completely stock other than K&N filters. Recent alloy & caliper refurb. Love the V8 rumble.

164 – Glen Barker
California car I shipped over on the very day the Covid lockdown in March 2020.  She’s been in quarantine ever since.  Hope to make a few driving tours around UK and France before shipping back home to States.

165 – John Compton
My 2006 X Type 2.2d Sport XS . I’ve owned it since September 2021, only done 85,000 miles in lovely condition and I love it!!!

168 – Michael Radford
Brought in 2010 as a daily transport at 69,000 miles, now at 226,000 miles and have a newer daily so this has recently now a minor restoration project.Old photo as I don’t have any recent photos.

170 Mark Peter
Three months ago I bought the XJ6 saloon I’ve promised myself for over 30 years.  76,000 miles with a sound body and engine but lots of fettling needed to get it the way I want it.  The Daimler grille will be replaced before the event!

171 – Graham Meek
1997 XK8 Convertible in sapphire blue. Owned for 6 years. Latest road trip to Holland meant the car has done 140k miles now.

172 – Colin Lane
2002 4.0 Coupe finished in Zircon Blue with Oatmeal interior and Apollo wheels. Owned 2 years

173 – Peter Lethbridge
S1 3.8 E Type 1964. Been in family 49 years
Apart from the rebuilt engine,the car remains unrestored

175 – Wayne Turk
Reims edition French racing blue V8 U.K. car only limited to 150 units produced.

176 – Robert Sturges
2013 XK Portfolio 40000 miles. Bought this week (16 May 2022) to drive to events especially JBC this summer.

177 – John Reed
2014 V6 S in Polaris white with 14k mileage. Owned it for 7 months and love it.

178 – Chris Reed
My 2000 XKR 4ltr convertible, finished in Pacific Blue with Ivory leather. Owned this car just over 20 years, dry stored all that time, never been wet except when it’s washed, how sad am I?😳

179 – Conrad Lucas
My lovely Sovereign is in Emerald Fire and is the last one done in that colour being made one week before production ceased.

183 – Neil Hunter
Year 1997 lowered suspension and revised body styling by Arden. Upper dash leather covered with similar coloured interior.

184 – Keith Nash
Sovereign XJ6.  2008.  Metallic Green.    Bought just over 1 year ago with only 37000 miles on the clock.  It has video screens in the rear of the front headrests to keep the grandchildren entertained albeit 1 of the screens has recently stopped working!

187 – Nick Paneth
It is s 1970 XJ6 4.2 in regency red. It’s a swb manual/overdrive. I bought it in 1983 with 40,000 m and it still hasn’t reached 59,000. Recently refurbed.

189 – Mark McGillivray
This is Basil, our 2002 4lt XK8 coupe finished in zircon blue with oatmeal interior. It\’s not anywhere near being perfect and there is always something a little Fawlty.  But everything is forgiven for the glorious V8 roar.

191 – David Stimpson
I purchased this car in 2019 at the Exel Classic car show. It had one previous owner it’s in excellent condition and has only done 39000 miles.

192 – Nigel Thomas
I bought this gorgeous Jag racing green Metallic 03 S Type R 2 years ago. Yes, it\’s done a few miles but after 2 years of tinkering here and there it\’s now done. It\’s not standard either, with quite few mods, most notably it rides 30mm lower.

193 – Jason Sumner
My daily driver but just one of 16 jaguars that I own 😎

194 – Wayne Hatto
This was my late father’s car, he had it from new. He sadly  passed  away in 2008. It was off the road for a few years and I could not sell it, so I decided to fix her up. I have done most of the rust,and some respraying. I am now enjoying her as my daily driver, what a beautiful  car – I love it

195 – Andy Oakley
Jaguar 2019 XE 300 Sport AWD.  I purchased the car in 2021.

196 – Patrick Hopkinson
XK8 4.2 in Jaguar Racing Green. Still makes every journey and occasion.

197 – Mick Caswell
Purchased my XFS in December 2019. Quite poss best car I’ve owned. Had a Tony Dalton remap, and recently changed front discs to Mtec C hook discs with EBC yellow stuff pads, massive improvement. To be honest, I wish I’d bought a Jag years ago

199 – Thomas Ware
2017 Jaguar XE 2.0d Portfolio. This is my first Jag, bought her nearly 2 years ago. Brings a smile every time I drive her!

204 – Steve Cooper
Jaguar no. 3 & finally an XJ. It’s a 3.0 V6 SE. I got her last October & has done 95500 miles. Originally a dealer demo so has a few extras!!!

206 – Matt Glass
2011 XKR Convertible – owned for 3 years and loving it!

210 – Shaun Bellinger
2005 Jaguar XK8 4.2S Final Edition. Finished in Bay Blue with Ivory leather.

211 – Roy Smith
2006 XKR

212 – Alan Covacic
Bought as a daily runner and ‘keeper’ in November 2016. She is a 4.2L, V8, XJ Sovereign in the rare(ish) Blue Prism, I believe only about 40 XJ’s were built in this colour. Still my dream XJ.

213 – Tom Murphy
Jaguar XKR Dynamic 2014

214 – Henry Smith
1989 build, early 4.0 base spec XJ6 in Regency Red. Originally fitted with Chiltern Tweed but fitted with Doeskin leather in 1991 by Jaguar for the second owner. My daily driver which I purchased in 2016.

218 – Glyne Walters
My Jaguar XF 3.0D premium luxury. I love this car. This is my 6th Jag. I have had XJ6 S3 and S-Types. I’m a sucker for them.

219 – Mark Prior
Purchased 6 years ago. Wife’s daily runabout, 32000 miles 😁

240 – Ian Charles Norris
1992 XJ6 3.2 auto, not had it long & love it

245 – Mike Goodfellow
XKR 4.2 mfrd 2006 Indigo/Ivory 34,000 miles. Original owner.

250 – Neville Hobbs
2006 Jaguar S Type R. 67k miles which I purchased in March 2015.

251 – Jeff Carter
Fabulous car I’ve owned for 3 years. Last owner spent an absolute fortune on it. Now covered just over 78,000 miles.

252 – Richard Green
RG04 XKR is one of only 50 cabriolet ‘Carbon Fibre’ special edition XKR models produced in 2004. The Carbon Fibre cars were high specification, with most of the high value options included as standard. I have owned the car since February 2012 and have no intention of selling it.

253 – Jeff Carter
One of only 44 XK150S 3.4 FHC RHD built. This was off the road for nearly 40 years and believe the mileage of 61,000 is correct. Owned since 2017.

254 – Alan Dyer
Owned the car about 11 years completed body restoration in 2021

255 – Alex Brown
09 plate , used daily inherited from my late Brother in Law Cecil Magovern , Winner of 2 awards .

306 – Mark Lambourne
After another disaster on the run up to show season she’s all back together again

330 – Alan Smith
My 2007 S-Type R

400 – Ray Reed
Bought as a retirement present to myself in 2019. It had only covered 14,500 miles from new at that time, current mileage 21,700. Winner of Best Classic XJ at last years event.

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