Hand Wash Only – A Beginner’s Guide to Detailing and Car Care

We actively support anything that helps our members look after their Jaguars, keep them on the road, and in pristine condition.

This is why we support ScratchShield, & AutoGlym because we know their products help you to look after your Jaguar, and at a good price.

We have worked with Pro Detailer magazine before, connecting you with everything to do with detailing your Jaguar, helping you not only clean your Jaguar scratch free, but also to take your Jaguar from clean to super clean.

In the past few months Pro Detailer have released their first ever hardbacked publication, and we were lucky enough to obtain a review copy that we could check out for you, our members, and decide on if it should join the list of recommendations we have for you be they services, products or publications.

In our view anything we recommend to you has to be proven to us as suitable for members of all levels of Jaguar knowledge, and at a price that makes it good value for money.

Does ‘Hand Wash Only – a Beginner’s Guide to Detailing and Car Care’ meet our requirements? Read on and see what we think..

When this book popped through the letterbox, it looked like it was going to be full of technical terms and expensive, required, equipment but then we noticed the logo on the bottom right of the front cover ‘from the idiots behind ProDetailer Magazine’.

We then looked at the back cover of the book and were reassured that the authors were working from the absolute basics. This was exactly our territory.

The book is approximately A5 in size, and bound such that if you rest something on the open pages you can have it by your side whilst you work – reassuring as it saves you trying to remember what you have read, and are applying to your Jaguar.

The content is well constructed and starts off by introducing you to the kit that you need. It covers everything from the basic kit, right through to most highly recommended premium products.

The chapters are written in a way that it feels as if a detailer is by your side whilst you are learning, advising you not just on the best option, but all options that you have available to you.

At no time does the author talk down to you, it really feels like you are being trained on a detailers course as you work your way through the chapters.

Not only does this book cover general detailing, which we all think of as getting a smooth gloss on the paintwork, it also covers specialist detailing such as engine bays, metalwork, and even the bane of some of our lives the canvas roof materials on a convertible.

If you make it to then end of this book, it doesn’t stop there it actually lists further reading and what is involved in going Pro, if you really take to Detailing in a big way.

This book is great, and comes highly recommended as it supports every level of Jaguar owner.

You can obtain your copy directly from ProDetailer magazine here

‘Hand Wash Only – A Beginner’s Guide to Detailing and Car Care’ from ProDetailer Magazine. ISBN 978-1-8384112-5-1 Retail price £12.92