Jaguar Project 8 Experience

Did you know that there is a Jaguar Project 8 racing team?
Do you love motorsport or Jaguar Project 8’s or even both!!!!
Ever wanted to experience one on the track! Passenger or driver!

Now you can!!!!

Contact Kat Collins at for more info.

—Vehicle Specifications—Jaguar XE SV Project 8—

Engine:    5.0 Liter Supercharged V8 600PS, 700NM Torque

Transmission:   8-speed automatic with manual paddle shift

0-60mph time:  3.3s

Top speed:  200mph

Nurburgring Lap Record:  7min and 8,361 seconds

Features and story:

Developed by SVO department, based on the Jaguar XE. The idea was to make the fastest production 4-door saloon, so the result was a car that shared with the standard XE just a few parts. For aerodynamic purposes, front-end and rear was redesigned, to accomodate a more aggresive and functional look. For weight reduction, most of the components are entirely made from carbon fiber. To accomodate the increased width of the car(for more stability), bigger wheel arches were needed, for the bigger wheels and brakes, and that is how the whole side-profile was redesigned as well. The already amazing all-wheel-drive system and the already very quick gearbox, were made even better. To still be possible for the car to be driven as a Jaguar, it was fitted with a very clever suspension, which has another set of special springs sitting on the actual springs, this way the confort was not lost. But the biggest challenge was to fit the enormous engine into the engine bay. Was sold under a limited number, and LHD only, price is approx. £150,000.

In the Workshop
Aggressive Rear-End and spoiler
Race Livery
Ready for Race!
Aggressive and Aerodynamic Lightweight front-End
Fastest 4-door production saloon