Rechargeable Tyre Pump

We test out products that are dependable, easy to use and at a price that makes them affordable, whatever your budget. This one was a genuine surprise to us when we tested it on a number of tyres with differing amounts of air pressure differences, and checked the manufacturers claims versus what we found.

This pump is available from a number of sources on Ebay – and we obtained our review device from this particular link – available here

The pump can be obtained at anywhere between £16.00 and £20.00 and comes with a USB C charging lead, adapters for footballs, bicycles etc. plus a suitable adapter for a standard Schrader valve which is your Jaguar’s tyre valve.

Additionally it has a multi function light offering standard white light, red light, or flashing red light at the press of a button.

The device comes partially charged, and just needs an hour or so on charge to bring it to full charge.

Using the multifunction buttons on the front of the device, below the LED display, you can set exactly the pressure you want to inflate your tyres to.

The quick release adapter is one of the best designed ones we have seen for a long time, especially in this price range and fits onto the valve and locks into place with no air leakage, and it is the same when you are unlocking it.

Press the power button, it reads your current air pressure and starts pumping up your tyre immediately. When it gets to your choice of pressure it automatically senses the pressure and stops.

You can top up all four tyres easily on one charge making this a really convenient device. Just charge it up fully, and pop it in with the spare wheel an you have it whenever you need it.. no cables, no blowing cigarette lighter or power port fuses. When it needs charging just pop it onto a phone charger via a USB C lead for around three hours depending on the rating of your phone charger.

We have always preferred old tech foot pumps with pressure gauges, or at a push an electric pump with the usual trailing cables getting caught in doors trying to get it to all four wheels, but this device is so easy to use, no cables, no effort, the valve adapter is really well designed, and depending on your Jaguar it may even fit into the glove box!

If you are looking for a pump this may be the perfect one for you, and it comes highly recommended by us.