ScratchShield Bucket Filter System

This is our first product review so please bear with me. Our event aims to put attendees in touch with products and services that we not only trust and use ourselves, but believe that they are necessities for our attendees offering great performance and value for money.

Believe me, I am far from rich (as my better half often reminds me when looking at products/services for the Jag) and if I believe in a product/service it generally means it offers great value for money, and is something that has become indespensable.

The Scratchshield bucket filter system is truly one of those products! I have been using their system for three years now and absolutely swear by it.

Scratchshield offer you the opportunity to either get filters for your existing bucket(s) or to go for a set of two buckets with filters and lids depending on your needs.

Until finding the Scratchshield system I had always been a typical car owner – one medium sized bucket used for both wash and rinse, being careful not to get grit back onto the paintwork via the sponge. It generally worked, but there was a number of occasions where grit did make it back up and I would then be t-cutting the paintwork back to correct it.

I was very cautious about things, as I hate to get gadgets and gizmos that seem a good idea, but in the end aren’t used.

The filters are very easy to assemble and fit in the buckets, and they work like baffles keeping the grit and dirt down and out of the way of the sponge. The buckets and filters are colour coded and you have one for your wash, and another for your rinse.. and if you pop the lids on them (yep colour coded too) you have something to sit on whilst you are washing the sills, wheels etc.

The buckets are a fair size, bigger than your typical bucket, and you can either wash/rinse one large car (like a Jag:-)) and a small car (like my school run C1 :-)) water consciously, or give one large car a really good wash and rinse with the amount of water they hold.

You can’t get your wash or rinse buckets mixed up as they are colour coded, and you find that as you wash, all the grit and dirt in the water gravitates to the bottom and gets caught in the filter and baffles. You might thnk great, it prevents scratches as per the company name, but it actually means more than that, because the water above the baffle is also cleaner for longer allowing you to make even better use of the water you have which means not only a scratchfree wash but also more washing per litre ๐Ÿ™‚

Once you have washed your car using the wash bucket, you move onto the rinse bucket, and again you will see any remaining dirt from your car that has transferred to the sponge gravitate to the bottom of the bucket, trapped by the filter system, again not only protecting your paintwork from any remaining dirt/grit but again giving you more rinse per litre of water than you would get from my old one bucket system.

I was sure my old system was OK until I tried this system, and now I would never go back.. the Scratchshield system is something I use weekly, it is great having buckets that are specifically for car washing, I do genuinely use less water than I used to, and have not had to t-cut a single scratch out due to washing in the three years I have been using the system and if you are more ocd than me about washing your Jaguar, you can even go for a three bucket system with the third bucket specifically for wheels and the underside.

You can buy the system online, directly from them atยย and it is worth keeping an eye on our ‘Attendee Discounts page for any discount codes we may have to help keep your costs down.

Not only this, but you can even access a free guide to scratch free washing on their website, no need to register an email address, or make a purchase, its just there to help you.  Also, I am happy to say that the Scratchshield system is 100% designed, manufactured and packaged here in the UK (Hertfordshire)!

This system comes highly recommended by us, and we guarantee once using this system you will never want to go back to your old system ๐Ÿ™‚

Reviewer: Steve Sheldon 2019