The Curved Road by Peter Simpson

Much the same as most travellers, I have read all the usual guides about places to visit. They tend to be heavily fact based and difficult to digest, or story based with a light factual content that gives you insufficient information to really make a decision on where to go or what to see.

When I found out that Peter Simpson of the Jaguar Breakfast Club had written a UK guide, with the Jaguar driver in mind, I was very curious as to which of the two camps his book would fall into, and I waited eagerly for a copy to fall through my letterbox.

When my copy arrived I headed for the kettle, and made myself a big mug of tea, and settled down in a cosy corner of the sofa with Peters new book entitled ‘The Curved Road – A Scenic Touring Guide to Britain & Ireland’ in my hands.

As I started reading I realised that not only did it, thankfully, not fall into either of the usual camps but it has been written in a way that really connects with the reader in a way that no other travel guide I have ever read does.

Peter has drawn on his experiences not only within the tour guide industry but also on his wanderlust that has lead him to visit so many parts of the UK, along with his obvious love of Jaguar cars, in the writing of this book.

The book is clearly laid out by geographical area to make it easy for you to select the tour of interest, and each tour is accompanied by a watercolour map showing the route along with a few of the highlights.

Peters writing style instantly puts you at ease, and makes you feel that any of his tour routes are not only manageable, but he is actually by your side as you go, guiding you, pointing out highlights, and even optional extras you can include in your tour.

The book not only covers the tour routes but also local facts, information and history as you go. Each route is listed descriptively, then by a basic outline, and then by detailed route, followed by highlights to look out for and mini excursions from the route that you can take.

My session with this book lasted way beyond my big mug of tea as I just couldn’t put it down. Peters writing style, and vast knowledge of the locations featured in the tours makes you feel that he is with you every mile of the way. His writings accompanied by pictures taken on the routes, and the gorgeous watercolour maps all just demonstrate his capabilities as your guide and set you completely at ease whether you have a Jaguar, a camper van, or even a C1 (those of you that know me well will understand that reference).

This book is highly recommended by the team at JaguarForumsUK and is a book you will refer to and enjoy year in, year out.

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