The Team

Our event has grown way beyond what any one person can manage (despite my efforts to do so :-)) and over the years has gained a small but incredible team of people supporting it.

These people give their time freely so that everyone can enjoy everything we have on offer for you.

Steve Sheldon – Event Organiser/Manager
Andrew Burridge – Sub Event Team Member & Event Co-Ordinator
Kat Collins – Sub Event Team Co-Ordinator and Events Editor
Henry Fryer – Technical Advisor
Mark Lambourne
– Sub Event Team Member & Membership Manager
Mick Patrick – Review Team
Chris Pethick – Graphics Designer
Ionut Shupy
Website Admin, Sub Event Team Member, & JLR News Editor
Peter Simpson
– Technical Advisor
Soraya Taylor
– Marshals Team Leader & Co-Ordinator

and my entire family who put up with me working on our event right through the year…

Please join me in Thanking them for their time, input, and work involved in supporting our incredible event and ensuring every year we somehow manage to beat everything we managed the previous year.