Where are we with things 5 days before our 2020 event?

OK guys, I know a lot of people are looking for updates as to where we are with literally everything. This is the first year I have such a huge battle and uphill slog to ensure we have a great day out, let alone also launch improvements for all of us.The event is still very much on, in fact we even have a West Sussex Councillor attending so please feel reassured everything is still very much running.There is still ongoing discussions regarding trade stands and who will or wont be with us on the day.. I had actually expected in view of everything to have less trade stands than are currently booked with us so we are actually doing better than I had expected on that front.The huge plus this year has been club involvement we have been hugely successful, compared to previous years, in getting clubs onboard and this is something we will be announcing a big change on, at our event.We are supplying sanitiser, and (where needed) masks free of charge, are running a sanitisation station, have included intructions from the W.H.O. explaining how to keep safe, posting signs to remind people on distancing, and will be policing the 1M+ spacing as well as ensuring no more than six in any one group. Additionally we are at an official Covid Secure Venue.. so we are complying with all regulations and laws, and wherever we can exceeding those requirements to keep everyone safe.We are running the usual prize draw – your Access Pass is the ticket to this, as well as an increased number of awards that your Jaguars will be judged for.For the first year ever you can pick up your JaguarForumsUK Calendar on the day, noting we can accept cash or paypal (scan and pay) payments only on the Organiser stand.Our Welcome Packs are not as packed as usual for which I apologise but we have done everything we can with what we have received from our event sponsors who are as hard hit as us.Our event patron Frank Woodford MBE will be attending by helicopter so if you have the top of your Jaguar down at our event, please make sure it is up and locked in place for 11am – after his arrival you can open your roof again.There will be some changes in itinerary on the day so please keep an eye out for the update as and when they become available – our Telegram Broadcast channel for the event is a great source not just now but through the day too notifying you of changes, whats about to happen etc and it is at t.me/JaguarForumsUKeventmanagementWe have achieved a lot this year with increased membership, our annual event has grown, our registers are now global, we have a calendar featuring YOUR Jaguars, we have our first promotional items – very basic but creating a huge stir with the team as it is another first for us, increased links with clubs and forums, PLUS some big announcements to make on the day, and none of it would have been possible without your support – Thankyou and please enjoy our Great Day Out this Sunday 🙂

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