Our 2021 event is a TRIPLE celebration…..

We are happy to be able to announce that our TENTH anniversary event is going to be a triple celebration.. We are not only celebrating our own tenth anniversary event but also 20 years of the X-Type & 25 years of the incredible XK.

We will have a show area at our 2021 event with showcases, photoshoots and more through the day, awards that are specific to the X-Types and XK’s that will be onsite celebrating with us and more..

Every year we have been proud to host more and more of the rare and unusual Jaguars, and our 2021 event is no different – we are currently looking for anyone with rare and unusual Jaguars such as C-Types, D-Types, XJ220s that can make our anniversary event and really help us celebrate.

We will also have showcase areas for other British marques, helping them to learn about Jaguar, and our Jaguar attendees learning about their marques.

We are already working with our sponsors, especially those hit hardest by CoronaVirus and the resultant lockdowns, to give everyone access to an increased trade presence for all those specialist services and know how we need, and are actively encouraging Jaguar clubs to take advantage of our Club Incentive scheme where we give back to clubs.

Our Christmas competition launches later this month – open and free (as are most of the things we do here) for anyone already registered for our 2021 event to enter.

We are also looking into producing a 2022 Calendar to be available at our 2021 event – if it does prove to be viable watch out for YOUR chance to get your Jaguar into it and onto walls around the globe.

We have a lot going on for everyone, and apart for the cost of registering for our annual event (just £5.00 for a great day out) , everything is free for you – enabling us to help all our members find the support they need.

In amongst all this we could really use your help and there is a number of ways you can help us for free – you can let us know which clubs, forums and specialists YOU depend in wherever you are, you can review products and gadgets you buy for your Jaguar, you can pop your Jaguars picture up in our 2021 Attendee Gallery after registering for our next event, you can help spread knowledge of us in your area helping us to help even more Jaguar owners, or buy our calendar to put our members Jaguars on your wall right through 2021..

Thankyou so much for getting involved with us, helping us to do what we do even better – without you we would not have our event or everything around it that we are able to do for members..

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